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  1. Hello, I am in a bit of a situation. I advanced in the waiting list so much in the last days that I can become an active delegator in about 24 hours if it keeps the same speed. Calculating the APRs in Phase 3, a Phase that I understand will last for about 5 months, please tell me what are your exact plans with the community nodes. Will you force delegators out at some point or will you wait for people to undelegate and shut down the nodes as that happens? Giving the little price cartel SPs created in the last few days, there is nothing attractive in going with them for Phase 3 instead of
  2. Hi, Was there not a mention the other days that one validator can come with a skin in the game move of 1250 eGLD and can run up to 10 nodes with only that? Beside that, they are the ones who get the big chunk of the rewards for running the nodes and also they are free to establish the rewards for the delegators from what I understand. About the last part, is there something that can prevent the validators from creating a price cartel in order to all give the minimum rewards to the delegators? This system seems to create small whales. With all the benefits, at some point they won`t even ca
  3. Hi, So what will the waiting list`s purpose be in phase 3? If we don`t want to go with the service providers we will have the option to remain in the queue for delegating with you, or am i missing something?
  4. Thank you! In this case, when the time will come, will you flag the staking providers who use your delegation manager so that we will know who are the safest ones to collaborate with? I would be much interested in delegating my eGLD to one who is safer than to one who gives bigger rewards. I will also stick my nose in the testnet for a better understanding. Do you have a date established for the delegation dashboard update on the testnet?
  5. Hi, First of all congrats for all the hard work. I have some eGLD in the delegation waiting list right now. My position is only around 4500 since i forgot to delegate at the beginning of phase 2. My question is: After phase 3 launch, will the waiting list still be relevant or we should be ready from second one to grab a seat with a smart contract from a staking provider? Also, what will the risks be for me as a delegator to collaborate with a staking provider? Thanks!
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