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  1. I waited almost 3 months till i got in active delegation hoping for that 29% apy and the day i got in active it changed to 16% . Kinda dissapointing. But hey, that won't change my enthusiasm for this project !
  2. Salut As mai adauga 3 intrebari. 1. Acest procent 6 si ceva % ( din suma delegata ) este pe saptamana , luna sau an ? 2. Daca am o suma delegata deja din wallet , mai pot delega o alta suma mai mica de 10 egld din acelasi wallet ? 3. Observ ca Rank-ul care il am la Waiting List for Delegation scade treptat , logica ar fi cand acesta ajunge la 0 ar trebui sa intru in Active Delegation ? Sau ? Multumesc anticipat Elrond❤️
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