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  1. Understood. I can only give you my perspective. The price barrier is a problem for people that want to participate, and are forced to look (invest) elsewhere. (32 ETH staking). Suggestion: At least lower the 1250eGld necessary for a staking service to 500eGld. And perhaps the validator node to 1000eGld. Like you, I can only see eGld going up. And as it goes up, you're sailing further and further away from the crypto/tech people that participated in the genesis.
  2. Makes sense. Thank you. Will the Elrond wallet or Maiar show the list of Staking Providers to end-users for them to choose based on fees and returns? Or are the Staking Providers required to do their marketing outside? My area of expertise is technical, so I would be interested in the part of running the nodes and competing with others on the fees on an open market. To be fully transparent I only own 300 eGld, so would need 950 more, which at the moment is priced at almost $200.000. And like I said, I'm an engineer not a wall street investor 🙂
  3. Sorry, I didn't understand what you mean by staking services. These are 3rd party staking services running validator nodes? I haven't read about this 1250 requirement before. The customer comes in with 1250 and the staking service with another 1250 per node?
  4. Hi Adrian, I was thinking about the current centralization of the validators: 67% are in the Elrond Community Delegation. I would be interested in running community validator nodes, coming in with 1/8th of the 2500eGld, and having other interested people like Ken coming in with same amounts. Would that be possible to set up via a smart contract? Since the eGld price is 20x higher than it was, this would enable people with fewer eGlds to participate as validators, and for the Elrond team it would help decentralize the nodes.
  5. I can answer the last one: you receive it every Monday. It goes into your account balance. If you have the Maiar app you'll get a nice push notification with the amount credited. It's very cool.
  6. At the moment there is 3,364,309 EGLD in the waiting list delegation. So that exceeds the "1031*2500 = 2,577,500 eGLD that can become active delegation or active stake." Not even counting with the validator queue. So you're either in the 29%APY club or you're in the 0%APY club? (since waiting lists will be disincentivized)
  7. Yup, feeling the same way. Was going to buy 2500egld a few weeks ago for a validator node when it was around $37. Couldn't do that fast enough and now that shipped sailed. Wanted to play a bigger role, but now all the good roles are filled.
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