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  1. oh and designing a system that would necessarily wall-out "wait-listed" delegators to 6% while actives are at 29% instead of gradual lowering of total interest rate for *all particpants equally* in one traunch, fairly distributing rewards as such, (like other chains do for example eth 2.0) is odd, for such a great architecture. Elrond is great, but your staking is too centralized. Please - as main focus, lower your min validator stake to 100 to 500 and (as you plan to do) let validators select the reward they will pass on to delegators - but you gotta lower the barrier to entry to become
  2. Great job guys, but hardly decentralized if the only people who can validate must have over $250,000 in EGLD. That is RIDICLULOUS! I expected to set up several v-nodes myself. Now I can't, not with a 2500 min. limit moonshot. A truly decentralized network can have more than 3200 validators (AVAX supports endless number). It can have millions ... and it is much healthier for a network to have more validators and less delegators. You need to lower your minimums dudes! More like 100 or 200 EGLD per node would make a lot more sense. You can just have the very rich being validators, totall
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