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  1. Does anyone happen to know how the coin's name was chosen? I'm not much a Silmarillion fan, but wouldn't something like "Durin Gold" make more sense? What does Elrond have to do with gold? I figured it was probably a business/marketing thing. Elrond is a familiar name. Elves are regal, blah blah. Still curious though.
  2. I learned about EGLD through a 2nd connection on Linkedin. I did some reading, and decided I'd like to invest. I am located in the US, and the only option recommended by elrond.com for me was Moonpay. Alas, Moonpay would not allow me to purchase EGLD - some error about not allowing the purchase for buyers in US, or using USD. Today I purchased EGLD through BINANCE.US I thought it was worth suggesting that the official elrond site point to a website where Americans can actually purchase EGLD. It certainly would have made my life easier, and I suspect it'd lead to more investors.
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