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  1. I made a guide on medium for elrond BON mission 2. Maybe useful to you guys https://medium.com/@jeff.penaflor1983/bon-mission-2-guidelines-a2471f498956 Thank you.
  2. Wow, such a good scoring and transparent..
  3. I made this guide guys on how you will update your node .. https://medium.com/@jeff.penaflor1983/tutorial-on-how-to-update-your-elrond-node-on-the-latest-version-windows-version-c13deac00b0?sk=6c0f8763bea4a3774f8ba27baeac43d1
  4. I make here a simple tutorial on how to run multiple node on single machine and changing shard id https://medium.com/@jeff.penaflor1983/tutorial-on-how-to-run-multiple-elrond-node-in-one-machine-for-windows-changing-shard-id-173392bd2f35
  5. Hello guys.. testnet going well
  6. Or maybe a weekly quiz on the telegram to be more engaging on the community.
  7. what about referrals on cryptobubbles campaign to promote crypto bubbles in more audience. They will get ponts on the community platform or rep and the person referred will get real erd tokens when they reach certain level or aleast they reach 1M testnet-erd they will get corresponding erd.. or lets have some voting regarding campaign on referrals on what rewards will be the rewards
  8. i finished at 7th place.. congrats to those winners.
  9. very nice post,, give lots info about Elrond.
  10. Hi guys , I dare you to take a selfie wilth elrond and put the hashtag #selfieElrond Here's mine
  11. I'm Crypto Enthusiast, love exploring about blockchain technology, i want also to learn more in crypto trading. way back 2017 that i heard and join about crypto world and amaze hows the technology works. I love to learn new things in this field.
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