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  1. Hello. The Elrond forum is not dead, is at the beginning of the journey, from my point of view. Right now we try to redirect all the interesting technical questions from the Telegram groups to the forum. I hope you will change this belief soon. Thank you for being part of the forum community.
  2. Hello. You have to send an email to the platform support where you bought egold and describe what happened.
  3. Hope this option will be available soon. I don't have a time estimation for this option, but in near future, we will have some providers for the US.
  4. Hello. For any question please use english language on the forum. EGLD is not listed on the Coinbase. In order to can buy EGLD with Bitcoin you have to move your Bitcoin in another exchange that supports EGLD/BTC pair.
  5. Hello.Thank for your feedback.On a first look, you are using Windows as the operating system. Right now ElrondIDE is not supported on windows (yes you can install the extension but you will get a lot of errors).You can try the Elrond IDE in a virtual machine with Linux.
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