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  1. Feel free to add your Memes here! My jpg & gif collections : https://imgur.com/a/jNCVIia
  2. Hello everyone! I posted our sticker resources on Imgur so it will be easier to find and use for the community. Elrond Mascot Sticker : (credits to @Agustinus Wahyudi for making it) https://imgur.com/a/0pcWN2l Elrond x Pop Culture stickers : https://imgur.com/a/ZOweWxr
  3. I'm so sorry for the very late reply 😋 Thanks to the newly found passion in Blockchain and ground breaking technologies, I manage to escape from the infinite circles. About fortune telling, it runs in the family. My late grandfather often taught classes about fengshui & fortune telling. Our family has always been a fengshui practitioner, and people from our community often find us for consulting about anything. So, I get used to it. Fortune telling, consulting and understanding people :))
  4. What if we create a pop quiz event similar like binance english's red package distribution? Random question will come out on our telegram channel every one hour and members have to answer it for points.
  5. Previously on Generyation Crypto English, Elrond won the 2nd place AMA vote. Maybe we can expect AMA soon after Battle of Nodes
  6. I think everyone should know, Sever Moldovean is one of the reason this forum can exist. He designed and created the forum. Salute to you man!
  7. I know mainnet is still months ahead, but I'd like to prepare myself and learn about making dApps first. Do you have any suggestion on what language should I learn? Which platform should I use? I've done my own research but I think community will have a better suggestion which can bring better future potentials. Thank you 😁
  8. I will join soon. After I cut some weight 😂😂😂
  9. I'm sure everyone can set up a node at this point, but a lot of people including me is still clueless about how can I attack the blockchain. According to the FAQ this is what attacking a blockchain means But the question is, how? 😅 How can someone with not much knowledge about blockchain programming in general like me can learn on how to do attack on the blockchain? Please share some of your knowledge, useful links, and tips here!
  10. I think the minimum ERD needed for staking will be adjusted over time, therefore there's no limit to maximum nodes number. The network can scale infinitely and there's no limitation on device due to parallel processing and sharding. Even Bitcoin lightning is only ran by 10K nodes for now. First year is crucial. If we can get >3000 nodes, rewards will be less than 90%. More decentralized. In the few early years market might get monopolized by several people with high staking reward.
  11. Hello everyone, I'm Randy Aranta Lika and I'm from Indonesia. I'm older than how I look. Bachelor of Science majoring in Bioinformatics, master dropout due to series of unfortunate events. I had some experience on graphic design, web design, machine learning & big data analysis back in my pre-postgradute dropout days. Since then I went to make Android apps, virtual tour website, graphic designing, and video editing on my own. Now I do all this part time. I also like cooking so I ran a food stall full time around 2 years ago, but on the way doing it I realise I only enjoy cooking for people
  12. Your blog is very colorful and full of different information 😄 Interesting & I will check it out more 😄
  13. We all know well that our devs appreciate their community a lot. Let's give them our thanks by giving your best ideas and suggestion on how to improve our community or social platform. Any ideas are welcomed! Here's few to start : Daily mission on community platform. Example, play cryptobubbles once a day to receive 50 points ; post on social media daily for bonus points; Themed submission. To avoid gif submission spam that end up not being used. Submission must serve a certain purpose, for the sake of promoting the project and reach bigger audience. It is sad that most gif mad
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