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  1. Good day all. Overall I think this proposal is a good one and these are all welcome changes. One suggestion I'd like to make, to aid decentralization, would be for the removal of more Elrond-run nodes to clear out the waiting queue. The waiting queue has seen terrific reduction progress over the last month, as was requested, and greatly aided by the efforts of the validators. However, even with this reduction from about 210 nodes in the queue (if I recall correctly) after phase 3 launch, to now 49 today, there are still a handful of service providers that have had 0 node activ
  2. Good day all. Thought I'd do a follow up post to my earlier thread Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, it seems unlikely that my staking service will be able to survive and launch successfully. Which is a bummer for me of course, but thought it would be helpful to post my experiences and challenges. I started the smart contract for my pool, with my 1250 egld (which is a large portion of my total net worth), last Friday on launch day. I had some tech issues on the day around my delegation manager, worked about 16 hours on the Friday and Saturday working on my offer
  3. Thank you Adrian. Great to read your response, this takes care of my primary worry that if I wasn't an official staking partner, that I would not be very visible to potential clients. If the list of staking providers is derived according to delegation SC owners (or similar) than that sounds great to me. I was getting nervous on whether my status of being an official partner (or not) would either make or break my service offering, but this seems not to be the case. Looking forward to launch! Only mere days now... 😄
  4. One possible suggestion would be for an official 'Elrond Staking Provider Qualified' seal/designation criteria that is made publicly available. This could be a set of criteria for which a service provider must meet in order gain the approval for listing as an official staking provider, which also imparts the value of being visible within Maiar and wallet, linking to the service provider. Potential basic criteria could be: 1) The SaaSP must demonstrate SC basics by setting their own on-chain identity via the 'Meta' IDs for provider name, website and keybase.io 2) The Sa
  5. Good day all. Had a question. For the imminent phase 3 full launch, staking providers will be listed within Maiar. My question is: will only the official staking partners be listed in Maiar and the wallet? If this is the case, I'm concerned as a small single node (hopeful) delegation pool operator, worried if I will even be able to compete with larger pools and reach my first 2500 pooled egld needed to launch my service. If it is only official partner staking providers to be listed, would that be a 'make or break' qualification to be listed in the app? In other words,
  6. Good day. Was reading through the delegation documentation and noticed what I'm fairly certain to be an incorrect word: This is on url : https://docs.elrond.com/validators/delegation-manager/#unstaking-nodes Under the heading Unstaking Nodes, the line is: " IMPORTANT "Validators are demoted to validator status at the beginning of the next epoch after unstaking. This means that they stop receiving rewards." I believe the second 'validator' is actually an observer: "Validators are demoted to observer [node] status at the beginning of the
  7. Fantastic answer! Thank you. I have seen these other users on the various telegram channels with similar questions regarding storage -- I'll start referring folks this way for an informative answer on the matter! Also, in regards to the PoS blockchain reminder: that's a very succinct and effective way to consider the PoS function and I haven't thought of it like that before, makes sense. Thanks for mentioning that as well.
  8. Thank you once again Elrond team for this magnificent blockchain. I have considered three ideas recently, that I would like to submit for consideration or discussion. idea 1: automatic node queue scaling mechanism I think it would benefit to take a closer examination of timing and the rate as to node expansion happens. In the current proposal, the maximum number of nodes, and the rate to which they are introduced, happens via a new version of the software going out, and the new numbers for maximum nodes are enabled in one change upon update. I think it would be
  9. Good day Elrond community! I was wondering about disk usage for nodes. First question: where is the free space needed? I've been experimenting running my node in Azure cloud now. In Azure cloud, VM's start with a small OS disk of 16GB and then you can attach additional disks, and mount them in Ubuntu. However I'm not sure what directory is used for the needed disk space? Is their a variable in the config files that determines what directory is used for empty disk space? Second question: I believe the 200gb disk requirement is mostly for temporary or cache storage use, is
  10. I've been involved in bitcoin since the GPU mining days. I have been trading crypto since Mt. Gox . All I can say to folks in this space is Buy, Buy, Buy, Buy, Buy. There is absolutely no way on the planet that egld will be less today a year from now than it is now. Superior technology rises to the top. 'nuff said. Buy, buy, buy, buy, stake,stake,stake this, don't even consider selling for at least a year.
  11. This is fantastic answer . I love this project, from the cutting edge tech to even this 10/10 level of community interaction, I could not be more optimistic about ELROND. I see your reasoning, as you have so well described it, and it makes sense to me. I also have been really studying EGLD this week, and have been monitoring the que sizes etc, to see what kind of time intervals it will take to delegate, and learning more. Besides the technology, the economics of this are also very unique, I don't think anyone has tried just this sort of design (in terms of the APY, staking, ques, an
  12. Good day. I just discovered this amazing crypto last week, and have been reading as much as I can since then. I really want to invest a significant amount and start my own validator node, as I have done for many other coins in the past (like I have been running DCR nodes for the last few years). However currently 2500 EGLD costs upwards of $90,000 US, which is a massive sum for an enthusiast such as myself. I see that EGLD token price has rapidly sky-rocketed with this bull run, so I was wondering, are there any plans to lower the staking amount to something more aff
  13. Good day Internet people and Elrond fans! My name is Kevin. I've been in crypto since the gpu mining of bitcoin days. I recently came across Elrond and have been very impressed by the team, technology and rate of development progress. I set up a validator node the other night, was a bit bummed to see that it requires 2500 EGLD ($80,000) so don't think I'll be do that anymore, but certainly will be following this project and purchasing a few coins. Thanks!
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