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  1. One has to be able to trust someone when dealing with outside data. It's unavoidable. But, talking about oracles: there has been talk about (and not just recently) Band/ChainLink cooperating with Elrond to provide those oracles. Is it known when these oracles will be avialable for us, developers to listen to what those oracles have to say?
  2. I'm busy making a smart contract for the elrond blockchain and I need data about th external world such as crypto price feeds. does anyone know of any documentation or examples about how one can avail onself of the data
  3. I'd also like to use some date and time funnctions inside a contract, but there seems to be no way to do so that prevents errors like error: duplicate lang item in crate `elrond_wasm_output` (which `term_contract_wasm` depends on): `oom`. does anyone have a clue? |
  4. elrond-wasm holds a BigUint data type. can anyone tell me how I'm supposed to calculate with it? I would like to know what 110% of a certain BigUint value is. Can't finf any documentation about it. help is very welcome.
  5. That's indeed what I meant and this is exctly the answer I need. Many thanks
  6. Does anyone know how to pass a date or string argument to a function that is part of a contract in rust or c? Answers much appreciated.
  7. Thanks a lot for the help, guys. It's a kind of obvious now that you've pointed me in the right direction
  8. Hello, I'm new to this network and I'm trying to find out whether it's worth the trouble developing contracts on the Elrond network and I must say that I'm impressed about/by the tooling offered by Elrond. But right now, I'm stuck in something: I was trying to deploy the example ERC20_c on the test network, but the procedure fails with the message 'wrong number of arguments' as displayed in transaction hash 970fbb8cd5e6567c245d468663deed87119c51f8d7923d5d2cd1199eb8b6d70c on the test network. Does anyone know what that message signifies. The command I executed was : erdpy --verbose
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