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  1. Please contact us on help.elrond.com (there is on the bottom right corner there a button to chat with us) and provide there your erd1.... address, so we can check what happened.
  2. The staking provider doesn't have access to your funds. The address above is the address where funds from users that entered their secret phrase on one scamming website (something with wallet validation) have gone to. This means that when you entered your secret phrase on the "wallet validation" website you have given access to your wallet to the scammer behind that website, and he transfered those funds away to erd1tdtnanppencmrqhd9c4c4vs2c5xm35he0dec7qxngnzgvkaeyyksqmwcqf. This is why you should always make sure you are on the official elrond web wallet before inserting any data.
  3. I am not sure I follow your reasoning. How does giving your elrond wallet secret phrase away on dubious websites make elrond a fraud? Your wallet secret phrase gives you access to the funds in that wallet, giving it away means giving access to your wallet funds away.
  4. mainnet, testnet and devnet are different chains. Your testnet xEGLD/ESDT tokens can be found in testnet wallet and testnet explorer, while the devnet xEGLD/ESDT tokens can be found in the devnet wallet and devnet explorer. So the xEGLD from devnet faucet can only be found on the devnet wallet/explorer
  5. Hi Carl, You can try to do the withdrawal on https://stake.elrond.com/ I checked the contract and your funds are still in, so you should be able to follow the process for withdraw. Your withdraw will return ERD ERC20 to your ethereum address, which you can convert into EGLD on mainnet using the bridge: https://bridge.elrond.com/erd/#/ Make sure you select the correct chain: "ERD ERC20 (Ethereum) > EGLD Native" and provide your EGLD mainnet address that you have access to (if you don't have one you have a link to create it)
  6. the events like {"hash":"94e75f10d8b598b516a5c84a52a2fa0c404006da94433d5b3abe8379f286e0d5"} are pushed for the finalized headers, in the shard the observer is running in. Before this event, when the block with hash 94e75f10d8b598b516a5c84a52a2fa0c404006da94433d5b3abe8379f286e0d5 was committed inside the shard, but not yet finalized, it was reported with its entire content (hash included). The block content includes the shardID. It was decided that the client waiting for finalization events, has already seen the block and already knows the (hashes, shardIDs) pairs, so it is not needed to report it again.
  7. There is a button on the bottom right corner to chat with someone from support. If the funds have left your wallet there is not much you can do besides filing a police report and stop using the compromised wallet. You can ask support team how to file the report and what information to give.
  8. Please see my reply on https://forum.elrond.com/topic/968-unstaking-problem/?do=findComment&comment=2698 You can contact us on the links below If you need more details or guidance on how you can file a police report. help.maiar.com help.elrond.com
  9. @Daniel & @Sugar Please see my response here https://forum.elrond.com/topic/968-unstaking-problem/?do=findComment&comment=2698 You can also contact us on help.maiar.com help.elrond.com We can then give you some guidance on how you can file a police report.
  10. Can you give some more details here? What exchange did you buy the 10 xEGLD from? If you have bought the 10 EGLD from an exchange other than the devnet maiar exchange, you need to look for the EGLD on the mainnet wallet, using the same login method. For the devnet wallet you cannot "buy" tokens from external exchanges, as these do not have any value and are given "for free" for testing purposes. You can only exchange other test tokens through the maiar exchange.
  11. This address has been reported as a scammer address (one of the addresses used by the scammer with "wallet validation"), so if you ever "validated your wallet" using your 24 words secret phrase, or logging with your elrond wallet keystore file and password on a website other than the official wallet.elrond.com, then your wallet was probably compromised.
  12. After you do the unstake, there are 10 days before you can withdraw. Once the 10 days are over, the "Finalize withdrawal" will immediately transfer the unstaked funds to your wallet.
  13. Glad you figured it out. The only "valuable" egld are the ones on mainnet, only this kind of egld are traded on exchanges. The testnet egld are only as the name says "for test" and have no value. The wallet however gives you access to the same address on both testnet and mainnet, but the transactions for these are different (chain ID is different in transactions from mainnet and devnet)
  14. For the unstaked funds, once the 10 days have passed, there is a "Finalize withdrawal" button which activates. Just press the button and you will receive the unstaked funds.
  15. I don't see how this relates to Elrond Please do not start topics or write posts unrelated to Elrond.
  16. What is your case exactly? If it is the same problem, then the above post should give you the solution, you should do "finalize withdrawal".
  17. the maiar wallet is not intended to work with ledger, it is a more user-friendly alternative to ledger. You can use ledger with the web wallet.
  18. We are currently working on an nft marketplace, but we also have some partnerships with: Curate, Dvision Network, rario,... You can find more on the partnerships in the elrond ecosystem page (for NFTs there is the bottom right corner): https://elrond.com/assets/files/elrond-ecosystem.pdf
  19. Thanks for reporting! Indeed there is an error on the name returned, "TE1" is in fact the ticker. Will be fixed in the following days. In the meantime please check : https://docs.elrond.com/developers/esdt-tokens/#get-esdt-token-properties If you take a look on the response, first element in returnData should be the name, base64 encoded.
  20. Contracts have been enabled on mainnet for more than 6 months, the chainID is "1". However you should first use the devnet to validate/battle test your contracts.
  21. Elrond Community Delegation nodes have been 67% of the total nodes in the network at mainnet launch (30 July 2020). Since then the percentage has decreased to 31%. It will decrease even more with activation of staking phase 4 and slashing, for which development is in progress, but I can't give a definite timeline for when it will be activated on the mainnet (January 2022 seems possible but could also be earlier if all things go smoothly, or later, depending on how testing goes and the feedback from community and validators regarding the chosen solution). The node count will be decided algorithmically depending on the usage of the network but with a minimum of 1920 nodes, and ideally the Elrond community delegation nodes will be removed completely, with the delegators moving to the existing staking providers. A prerequisite for completely removing the elrond community delegation nodes is activating the slashing mechanism on mainnet, so the earliest time I see for this to happen would be in the beginning of the next year.
  22. https://github.com/ElrondNetwork/elrond-sdk-erdjs/blob/bdec7b5fb1335dba3311d721681f35a16f1f4f5a/src/proxyProvider.ts#L102 if you pass to sync() the devnet provider ( chooseProvider("elrond-devnet") ) the network config will be taken through a GET request from the devnet so chainID should end up as 'D'
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