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  1. There was a problem with parsing the snapshot, which is why some delegated amounts were not considered, but this should be soon fixed.
  2. When you created your web wallet you were required to save the 24 words somewhere safe (written down on paper etc.) and in the next step the wallet creation wizard requested you to input 3 randomly selected words from your secret phrase, to make sure you did save those somewhere. The 24 words secret phrase is very important for wallet recovery, so if you cannot find those I would consider creating a new wallet, transferring the funds there and this time taking care not to lose the words, as this might mean losing access to the funds in the wallet. No one can help you gain access to
  3. Hi, When selecting a Staking provider, the APR is also important, as it shows the estimation of your earnings per year if you stake with that specific staking provider. One thing to note is that the APR(annual percentage return) is dynamic and can change depending on the network staked amount and also the amount of topup accepted by the staking provider, or any change in the staking pool rewards fee. The APR displayed for HAMAtek is 0, so you don't earn anything right now. This is because currently HAMAtek does not have any active nodes in the network, there are some queued
  4. After the unbonding period (10 days), you can finalize the withdraw (there should be a button for that), any time afterwards, and the funds will be moved to your available funds immediately (in seconds).
  5. The APR is shown in Maiar as well and this includes the fees, so what extra information would you require directly in Maiar? The APR is dynamic, as it depends on multiple parameters like what is the total stake in the network, what amount is top-up, etc. Joining the telegram channel would be relevant if changes happened to the SP and you want to know the reason, or you want to know what are the future plans and targets of the SP (they might want to acquire a certain level of topup stake, which will lead to a different targeted APR) and there might be also other incentives besides the APR
  6. Yes the staking providers can change their fees. This is why it is important to join the telegram channels of the staking providers you staked with to get informed on the changes or have a fast way to ask your questions. The displayed APR is what you should look at, as that one is what you get after the fees are deducted. Fees can vary anywhere between 0% and 100%, but only if the APR shows 0 then you won't earn any eGLD from rewards. You cannot have negative rewards, so your delegated amount cannot decrease. There is a difference in APR between providers (even if they have the
  7. If you want to transfer to Elrond Wallet (accessible from Maiar or the elrond web wallet) then you would have to send your BEP20 EGLD to your Elrond Mainnet account. You can use for that the binance bridge https://www.binance.org/en/bridge You will have to transfer EGLD from your Binance Smart Chain account to your EGLD Network account.
  8. If there is room in active delegation then you go there directly, otherwise you still go to the waiting list. There was a discussion about removing the rewards for the waiting list.
  9. The testnet gets reset more often before releases, so that bugfixes and new features get tested. Devnet is usually more stable, there will be an activation of ESDT during the next days on devnet as well. Resources can be found on docs.elrond.com. If there is anything not covered you can ask here or on telegram on https://t.me/ElrondDevelopers
  10. You will have to contact support for the platform where you bought EGLD from, e.g MoonPay or Binance, as they have access to those addresses. They will probably ask for some fee.
  11. There was a time for the nodes from Everstake to become eligible, as it was dependent on the unstake of elrond community nodes. I guess now everything is good?
  12. After unstaking, during the 10 days there are no rewards
  13. Hi Amir, I checked your transaction and it seems you did something manually and did not follow the wizard on the site (you did a transfer instead of calling a function of the contract). I believe the funds you transferred can be recovered, but we need to do some manual steps and validate you are the owner of the eth account. Please contact the support at https://help.maiar.com and we'll guide you through the process so you can be refunded the 10000ERD (= 10 EGLD) into your elrond mainnet account. Regards
  14. 1. Let's take first the "Stake" issue The page is no longer available since the "genesis staking" has ended. The funds staked through the genesis.elrond.com page were locked on ethereum, then swapped to egld for you and staked in Elrond Mainnet at genesis for the address (erd1....) you provided. If you followed the steps, you were supposed to provide your elrond wallet address when you "staked" (erd1..... ) and that is the wallet where you should see the funds on the elrond mainnet. Do you not have access to that wallet or why do you say you lost 500$? 2. Now the issue with
  15. It should be on the wallet you gave as destination for the swap, so you need to access that BSC wallet in order to see your tokens. In which wallet did you check for the tokens? Maiar is not connected to Binance Smart Chain, but to Binance Chain for the BNB tokens.
  16. It does answer the question on how to transfer egld from Binance Smart Chain to elrond (EGLD) mainnet. Is your metamask configured for BSC and not ethereum? as far as I know pancake swap works on BSC, so if you swapped with pancake swap on BSC chain, the egld should be in your BSC account. If you have metamask configured for BSC but still cannot see the EGLD, then probably you need to "add custom token" and use the elgd smart contract address on BSC chain to see the tokens. Not seeing the tokens in metamask if you did not add the egld custom token, should not prevent you from tr
  17. you can use the binance bridge to transfer to EGLD mainnet https://www.binance.org/en/bridge
  18. Currently Maiar is not showing other tokens on Binance Chain(BEP2) or on Ethereum (ERC20) EGLD to be shown in Maiar, needs to be on the Elrond Mainnet account (erd1... address) not as a token in another chain.
  19. These questions have been answered in multiple telegram channels, the staking providers can answer these kinds of questions and each have their own telegram channels. There have been multiple things going in the background for the team, like making sure everything after release is working properly, finding a solution for the staking providers that did not get into the first 1031 seats originally planned to be distributed, preparing for the next release enabling ESDTs and NFTs, preparing for the snapshots for MEX distribution, making sure the economics behind MEX and MPAD are sane, testing
  20. No this is not from Elrond Please follow only the official telegram channels to avoid scams.
  21. Everstake has a lot of nodes active today, so tomorrow you will see higher than expected rewards.
  22. Stake Capital was in the situation described in my previous response: Tomorrow I think it will be the first day with distributed rewards from Stake Capital (~14:30 UTC), as they already have nodes participating in consensus (first day today I think).
  23. please check if you can use the binance bridge (didn't use it but appears to do what you need): https://www.binance.org/en/bridge Asset: EGLD Select From Binance Smart Chain network To EGLD Network connect your wallet - you can choose Binance chain wallet extension and use the import seed phrase with the same seed phrase you used with Maiar (if you used the maiar Ethereum address when you transfered the EGLD from Binance to Binance Smart Chain) Make sure if you already have another wallet configured with the Binance chain wallet extension, that you have the seed phra
  24. please check also this post for additional clarification: If the staking provider had some nodes that only entered the active node set with the unstake of elrond community nodes last week, then the APR will increase starting latest with 20 April. Also you need to check the APR after more days, as in some days there will be higher returns and in some other lower returns, but on average APR will converge on the estimation, starting with 20 April.
  25. Only if you really want to move the delegation from elrond community nodes to a staking provider. Right now, as you mentioned, the APY for the legacy delegation is 16.7% (after fees are deducted) and it is better than what most staking providers that still accept delegations have.
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