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  1. Elrond Community Delegation nodes have been 67% of the total nodes in the network at mainnet launch (30 July 2020). Since then the percentage has decreased to 31%. It will decrease even more with activation of staking phase 4 and slashing, for which development is in progress, but I can't give a definite timeline for when it will be activated on the mainnet (January 2022 seems possible but could also be earlier if all things go smoothly, or later, depending on how testing goes and the feedback from community and validators regarding the chosen solution). The node count will be decided algorithmically depending on the usage of the network but with a minimum of 1920 nodes, and ideally the Elrond community delegation nodes will be removed completely, with the delegators moving to the existing staking providers. A prerequisite for completely removing the elrond community delegation nodes is activating the slashing mechanism on mainnet, so the earliest time I see for this to happen would be in the beginning of the next year.
  2. https://github.com/ElrondNetwork/elrond-sdk-erdjs/blob/bdec7b5fb1335dba3311d721681f35a16f1f4f5a/src/proxyProvider.ts#L102 if you pass to sync() the devnet provider ( chooseProvider("elrond-devnet") ) the network config will be taken through a GET request from the devnet so chainID should end up as 'D'
  3. can you check this thread first? Unless we missed something, you should be able to use let devnet = chooseProvider("elrond-devnet"); and then the chainID filled should be the one for devnet.
  4. You can configure the ledger with a different seed phrase. The option to set a different seed phrase I think it's called "recover"
  5. Can you take a screen shot and attach it here? The gas price should not be 25000000, maybe you are confusing it with the gas limit? Also make sure you have enough EGLD for the withdrawal transaction fee.
  6. Adrian Dobrita


    Hi Iba, please continue the discussion on the https://help.elrond.com/en/ Someone from the support team will let you know what can be done. As far as I know, someone already replied to you there, will check today to confirm.
  7. Adrian Dobrita


    The staked EGLD can only be unstaked by you or someone else who has access to your wallet. If you did not do the unstake yourself, then it probably means that your account has been compromised. Your account could have been compromised if you used the 24 words secret phrase (that gives you access to your wallet) on scaming websites (e.g there was/is a lottery scam that requires you to enter the 24 words seed phrase in order to claim some egld, but steals this key to your wallet). You can contact elrond support on https://help.elrond.com/en/ to find what can be done.
  8. Hi Alex, the withdraw should work if you have already waited the unbonding period (10 days) and have enough EGLD in your account to pay for the withdraw transaction fee.
  9. When you access your wallet, on the web wallet interface, in the top right corner you can switch between the devnet, testnet and mainnet. In order to move real egld to a different wallet address, you need to connect your wallet to mainnet, and you can then send.
  10. The exchange runs currently on devnet, it is not in mainnet so you probably are talking about egld on devnet. Those egld have no real value, and cannot be transfered to mainnet. Devnet is a staging network of nodes, a different chain, that we provide for testing purposes, where application developers can battle test their applications before going to production on mainnet. This is why you cannot transfer tokens between this network and the mainnet. We also offer egld freely on devnet to those testing the applications. There is also a faucet where people can freely get egld on devnet, so you can understand why these cannot be transferred to mainnet.
  11. Hi FredD, For the "Available soon" transaction, is the 10 days unbonding period passed?
  12. I think the EGLD smart contract on binance smart chain was deployed by binance, so you might want to contact them. In case the smart contract has a function to recover the tokens sent directly to the contract they would be able to help you recover.
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