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  1. Hi Mihai, After unstake and waiting period ends, there is a button for *finalize withdrawal* and the egld will be immediately (seconds) available in your wallet. Regards,
  2. @Maulik Vora ESDT is now activated in Testnet (not yet in Devnet), you can try it out.
  3. Hi Kevin, All staking providers using the delegation manager to generate their delegation SC will be listed in Maiar and Web Wallet, though it will be visible who is official partner. As you mentioned the list will be updated "live" (though expect some delays in the refresh of the providers list, it's not instant)
  4. What do you mean timeframe to turn the nodes off? If you are running nodes that have an active stake (eligible nodes) and you do not unstake, then do not turn them off as they will get jailed and you will have to pay for the unjail. You can turn nodes off after unstaking the nodes when they become inactive.
  5. 1eGLD will be the minimum amount for delegation
  6. Once the feature gets activated it will be possible to delegate to staking service providers either from web wallet or maiar. Both web wallet and maiar will have this activated at the same time. At the moment this is not activated for either.
  7. If you selected one of your contacts that has Maiar installed and then chosen send from the contact page, then the egld was sent to that contact. You can enter Maiar app, tap the question mark '?' in the top right corner, and then 'send us a message', and then describe what happened, what you tried to do, which is your address (erd....), which is the address that received the funds (erd...) and we can look into that and advice you further.
  8. If you have access to the computer you used and you still have metamask installed, you can try to access the metamask wallet with the password you set back then. Otherwise, if you can't find the seed phrase or you don't have access to the computer you used with metamask then I am afraid no one can help you here.
  9. No automatic delegation, you need to undelegate from the waiting list and delegate to a staking provider yourself. In waiting queue there is no unbonding time so after unstake is processed, you can immediately delegate to a staking provider. Should be Last In First Out
  10. Yes, with ledger you will have access to all those wallets each time you connect. Through the web wallet you will only see the first one by default. For your 2nd question, if you use the same seed phrase, then you have the same wallets both in web wallet and in ledger. As mentioned above, currently the web wallet only shows the first wallet, the ledger will show that first wallet on the first position, plus the rest.
  11. You will be able to stake your tokens (delegation) with maiar after the staking phase 3 update on the elrond mainnet, which is planned for approx. the end of the month. The staking phase 3 is currently under testing (both internal testing and public testing in the testnet) and the final work is being done for integrating the staking services with the web wallet, maiar and explorer. The tentative date for the update will be announced shortly. Work is being done also for selling directly from maiar, but this might come after the phase 3 staking. In the meantime you can go through
  12. Yes, you have control over many addresses/wallets obtained through derivation from the same seed phrase. If you use the same seed phrase to access your wallet without ledger, the web wallet will show you by default the first from those wallets.
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