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  1. as mentioned before, in 10 days after you unstake, you can do finalize withdrawal and get the unstaked funds back in your wallet, so "available". So if you did the unstake today, then in 10 days you can do the finalize withdrawal.
  2. please contact us on help.elrond.com (there is a chat button on the bottom right corner), pass all the chat bot questions and get into contact with someone from support, and give there the details.
  3. e.g Buy it from an exchange?
  4. Just checked the status of the bridge, and there doesn't seem to be anything that old in the pool, so I guess it is solved.
  5. your available balance is 0.0049 the other >12 egld are staked You cannot use staked funds to buy the ticket, you need funds from available balance to buy the ticket. If you unstake now you will only be able to use the unstaked funds after 10 days, so in this case unstaking will not help, as the buying of the tickets happens today only up to 14:40 UTC.
  6. Swaps from MEX to EGLD decrease MEX price in EGLD Swaps from EGLD to MEX increase the MEX price in EGLD.
  7. There is no one who did not receive back the egld, this can be verified on chain.
  8. Yes, unfortunately the wait times are high with the current bridge, but it will be credited. We are working on an improved bridge, that should improve the wait times to minutes instead of hours. We wanted to have it ready before the Maiar exchange launch time, but we found some issues while testing it in preparation for the release which requires some more work. In the meantime we had to fall back to this current solution.
  9. An fresh install will solve the pending activation. Make sure you have your 24 words backed up.
  10. The snapshot was done on 22 November. Did you have at least 1 egld staked on 22 November?
  11. Adrian Dobrita


    Do you have at least 0.48 egld available in your wallet? (what is staked or in unbonding period does not count)
  12. if you go on https://maiarlaunchpad.com/ there will be a button -> view project after that you get to the page with some info on holoride and on the right there is a button -> connect
  13. To buy the ticket you need to have 0.47 egld in your wallet, that is the value for one ticket, plus something for the fee of the "buy ticket" transaction. If you do not have at least that amount then you cannot acquire the ticket.
  14. There are some invalid statuses for some users in the launchpad website, there is a fix just deployed for that. If you had egld staked on the address used with the kyc, wait a few minutes and then refresh with clean cache.
  15. Refresh with clear cache? You also did the KYC from the address which had the 51 egld staked right?
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