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  1. I agree a limit is needed. Not at all urgent in phase 3 because node scarcity has mostly set the landscape until phase 4. But it will become increasingly important in the future. My suggestion after phase 3 is a combination of Galadriel's points 2 and 3: an agency would be able to receive delegations up to n times their own direct stake in their pool (e.g., n=20 with the minimum 1250 EGLD needed for creating a pool gives a 25000 EGLD delegation cap) AND no more than a fixed set max. amount like 500k EGLD. The absolute max and the n multiplier have no impact on new and small agencies
  2. Two suggestions for improving the clarity of this proposal: - explain whether becoming a Staking Provider who can use the Delegation System Smart Contracts is going to be purely an on chain process which is open to any existing validator, or if it requires some kind of whitelisting through establishing a partnership with Elrond. - clarify this sentence: 'Minimum 1920 Validators: unStake is not possible when only 1920 Validators are in the network. Elrond Foundational nodes will be added in this (unlikely) scenario, to enable community validators flexibility'. Is this a promise by El
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