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  1. Another question please - do you have a time frame in mind for how many months the max no of validators will be set to 3200? Thank you, Marius
  2. Thank you Adrian, this sounds pretty good and indeed is an elegant solution that will accelerate as well the level of decentralization.
  3. Hi folks! I have some questions please. My understanding is that (soon) starting with the phase 3, the max no of validators will be increased up to 3200. Also, some of the Elround Foundation nodes will be removed letting some space for some external nodes. So far so good. My questions: 1. How are selected the nodes to be removed? Just random? 2. What's happening exactly with the tokens delegated to those Elround Foundation nodes? Will be moved transparently to some staking partners? 3. The affected delegators will be announced and can decide for themselves? Thank you, Marius
  4. Just one question please: the SC for mainnet will be enabled starting with phase 3?
  5. Thank you Lucian, I appreciate your quick and helpful response!
  6. Thank you Lucian, this was helpful. I also found the constants in the paper and the staking calculator [1] for validators. Some other questions please: 1. Accordingly with [1] and with the details from the economics paper is not clear if the 36% APR for the validators will be fixed during mainnet bootstrapping phases 1 and 2 ...or during all the 1st year. Can you please shed some light here? If the number of validators can increase starting with phase 3 (as is depicted now in the paper) that means the APR will decrease, because the rewards buffer for validators in the first y
  7. Hi folks, First of all thank you for publishing the economics paper, I really appreciate your work. I'm trying to find out a formula to mathematically compute the rewards for both the delegators and the validators. If this is already in the paper, my bad, I didn't found it. I have seen some time ago a formula from Sever, can you please let me know if this is still applicable and if can be introduced in the economics paper? Validator APR = 0.9 * yearly node revenue / stake per node0.9 -> the protocol takes 10% from fees for sustainable developmentyearly node revenue = 2169000 eG
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