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  1. Hi @Jr Dalle, Let's try to keep English here. That's ok, you make a SC (SmartContract) call - claimRewards, so you don't send funds to the SC, but you'll receive funds from it. That's why the amount is 0$. Best regards, Marius
  2. Hi Edwin, Please join our telegram Validators community group [1] to discuss more around your setup and possible problems (if any). We're a pretty big community very willing to help. Thank you, Marius [1] https://t.me/ElrondValidators
  3. Hi Iulian, Is no problem, you can let the rewards in the Delegation SC and it's up to you when you decide to claim those - there is no risk or fee added if you decide to let them in the SC for many days/years 🙂 The rewards for the WaitingList are sent manually by the team, that's why are received directly in your wallet. The rewards for the Active Delegation are sent automatically via the SC - that's why a claim is needed to operate with the SC. Best regards, Marius
  4. Hi, The most important ones are listed to http://elrondpartners.com/ and others will follow.
  5. Hi, You can read a this article [1] and take a look around the attached pictures - you'll understand better the diff comparing with the actual NFT Eth support. Elrond will bring a lot of value. Best regards, Marius [1] https://medium.com/everstake/what-is-esdt-in-the-elrond-blockchain-a-simple-explanation-6b2efcdadd8f
  6. Sent 500xEGLD devnet -> https://devnet-explorer.elrond.com/transactions/4ed12448c66293c94b1cc0f4359c2de1cccf1379fa7949dc6c67dd2854c297be Best regards, Marius
  7. The current APR for the active delegation is 29%, starting with phase 3 will be around 19-20% -> full details for different scenarios are depicted here For the current waiting list is around 6%, but as mentioned above, starting with May 3rd the waiting lists will be no more incentivized.
  8. Hi, you can wait till March 23rd to delegate to a selected SP. Being in the waiting list you're very flexible, don't need to wait 10 days for unbounding as for the active delegation. Meantime, just make your homework around the SP agencies. Best regards, Marius
  9. Hi Maulik, Meantime please use https://devnet-wallet.elrond.com/dashboard, I tested right now and it's working as expected. Best regards, Marius
  10. Hi Mihai, You need to understand the Elrond vision on the long term and why the most important agencies are Elrond partners (or will be in the near future). If you focus only on the APR, for sure is the wrong strategy and cannot differentiate the builders vs the opportunistic or scammers. The most trustable SPs are committed to build new tools, wallets, explorers, to speed up the adoption and to participate in the Elrond growth program on the long term. Elrond Network built a totally disruptive blockchain, open source, where the community plays an important role. Only a strong open sou
  11. Hi Maulik, Currently the ESDT support is disabled from the testnet. Will be re-enabled mostly after phase 3 release (around April 5th). Best regards, Marius
  12. Hi, Full details are depicted here -> https://elrond.com/blog/elrond-staking-phase3-coming-soon/ Your funds will remain in the waiting list or go to the active delegation (there are people withdrawing in this period for phase 3 preparing - new nodes/agencies). Basically is important to find out a good/reliable SP agency and to delegate to them. So you need to manually withdraw and delegate to the chosen SP. Best regards, Marius
  13. Hi Andrew, 1. Yes, staking via ledger is already possible. 2. All the SPs will be officially listed on both wallet.elrond.com and Maiar. 3. The SPs will make materials, video, presentations and will support a flawless onboarding for the delegators. Today will be a new blog post released will all the details around the phase 3 preliminary dates and other specific details. Best regards, Marius
  14. Hi Kevin, You can find the DB and other folders inside ~/elrond-nodes/node-x. Basically the DB contains the transactions hash history and the SCs (Smart Contracts) (SC are not sharded). Just a reminder - PoS blockchain explained in 3 words: the consensus is the processor, the state is the RAM and the hdd (non-volatile memory) is the data-base/transactions. The entire blockchain history is kept in a distributed way on the disk(s), but there are some use-cases when this sync is not fully made/needed at the beginning (specifically when you need to start a new observer as a node or your n
  15. Hi, I tried to take a look around https://explorer.elrond.com/transactions/dec9173e6ff3117c64bcfe0e063ddf62460e809df208f19ce0329378d54fe7f but the transaction is already missing. My only explanation on this is was used an invalid nonce. Have you tried to sent this transaction just after another transaction (in less than 6 seconds)? Folks @Lucian Todea @Lucian Mincu any hints here? Best regards, Marius
  16. Hi Emi, Thanks for the feedback! The team already pushed a work-around and tomorrow will be pushed the official fix. I tried from my Mac/Safari and it's working as expected now. Best regards, Marius P.S.: Kindly please let's keep English using on this forum
  17. Hi, please find all the details related to phase 3 here [1]. Read also the comments, are very useful. Both delegation and validator list will remain up and running for tech purpose, but will not be any longer incentivized. The delegation mechanism will remain in place - if you're in the delegation waiting list you have chances to be swiped out to the active delegation (is someone exits) or you can delegate to a SP (Staking Provider) agency. Best regards, Marius [1]
  18. Hi, Please use next steps: 1 Install ledger live on Desktop 2 connect Ledger at desktop and to ledger live app (desktop) 3 from ledger live make update at the firmware, then install the egld app from manager 4 connect to wallet.elrond.com with ledger option and then from ledger go to elrond app and at settings need to activate “contract data” enable 5 just make transactions/staking Also this tutorial can be very helpful https://thepalmtree.network/main-blog/restore-your-elrond-wallet-on-ledger Best regards, Marius
  19. The exact date will be announced with 14 days before happening. But don't worry, the unstake period from waiting list is instant (10 days unbound period is needed only for the active delegation).
  20. Yes, technically speaking is very possible that after a period (impossible to predict) to join the active delegation. However, the SPs APR should be better than Elrond Foundation APR to stimulate the external delegation usage and speed up the decentralization. Best regards, Marius
  21. Hi Massimo, The delegation waiting list will remain up and running, but not rewarded anymore. So if you want to participate in the staking and receive daily rewards, starting with phase 3 need to unstake from the delegation waiting list and delegate to a SP agency. Best regards, Marius
  22. Need to wait a bit. In the next releases will be possible to "delete" an account and bind a new wallet to your phone number.
  23. 1. Yes. 2. Final of Q1 2021 - beginning of Q2 2021. For all at the same time, not depending by country/location.
  24. Yes, I confirm that Elrond is using ED25519 and SHA256.
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