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  1. Thank you Lucian, I appreciate your quick and helpful response!
  2. Thank you Lucian, this was helpful. I also found the constants in the paper and the staking calculator [1] for validators. Some other questions please: 1. Accordingly with [1] and with the details from the economics paper is not clear if the 36% APR for the validators will be fixed during mainnet bootstrapping phases 1 and 2 ...or during all the 1st year. Can you please shed some light here? If the number of validators can increase starting with phase 3 (as is depicted now in the paper) that means the APR will decrease, because the rewards buffer for validators in the first y
  3. Hi folks, First of all thank you for publishing the economics paper, I really appreciate your work. I'm trying to find out a formula to mathematically compute the rewards for both the delegators and the validators. If this is already in the paper, my bad, I didn't found it. I have seen some time ago a formula from Sever, can you please let me know if this is still applicable and if can be introduced in the economics paper? Validator APR = 0.9 * yearly node revenue / stake per node0.9 -> the protocol takes 10% from fees for sustainable developmentyearly node revenue = 2169000 eG
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