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  1. Hi Bogdan, If I'm not wrong, you can use the get_block_timestamp api function. It gives you the current time as a unix timestamp. You'll have to do conversions yourself if you're interested in the actual date as a DD/MM/YY format or whatever. I invite you to our developers Telegram group, here we have lot of devs and can get an instant support. https://t.me/ElrondDevelopers Best regards, Marius
  2. Hi Jerome, Thanks for sharing the final resolution as well! I recommend you to join our Elrond dev channel on Telegram -> you can receive for sure faster support. https://t.me/ElrondDevelopers Best regards, Marius
  3. Hi, Have you used this bridge https://bridge.elrond.com/ , right? Do you have enough eth for the swap? Best regards, Marius
  4. Hi, Unfortunately not, you cannot stop an unstake operation once started. After 10 days, will be able to receive the funds by using the final operation - unbounding. Best regards, Marius
  5. Hi, you have 3 possible ways: 1. Maiar - claim -> Stake rewards 2. Wallet -> Stake -> claim rewards -> stake rewards 3. Dashboard (agency site) -> claim rewards -> Redelegate Rewards Best regards, Marius
  6. Hello, You need to have in your main wallet 0.000078eGLD for the claimRewards operation. Best regards, Marius
  7. Hi @Jr Dalle, Let's try to keep English here. That's ok, you make a SC (SmartContract) call - claimRewards, so you don't send funds to the SC, but you'll receive funds from it. That's why the amount is 0$. Best regards, Marius
  8. Hi Edwin, Please join our telegram Validators community group [1] to discuss more around your setup and possible problems (if any). We're a pretty big community very willing to help. Thank you, Marius [1] https://t.me/ElrondValidators
  9. Hi Iulian, Is no problem, you can let the rewards in the Delegation SC and it's up to you when you decide to claim those - there is no risk or fee added if you decide to let them in the SC for many days/years 🙂 The rewards for the WaitingList are sent manually by the team, that's why are received directly in your wallet. The rewards for the Active Delegation are sent automatically via the SC - that's why a claim is needed to operate with the SC. Best regards, Marius
  10. Hi, The most important ones are listed to http://elrondpartners.com/ and others will follow.
  11. Hi, You can read a this article [1] and take a look around the attached pictures - you'll understand better the diff comparing with the actual NFT Eth support. Elrond will bring a lot of value. Best regards, Marius [1] https://medium.com/everstake/what-is-esdt-in-the-elrond-blockchain-a-simple-explanation-6b2efcdadd8f
  12. Sent 500xEGLD devnet -> https://devnet-explorer.elrond.com/transactions/4ed12448c66293c94b1cc0f4359c2de1cccf1379fa7949dc6c67dd2854c297be Best regards, Marius
  13. The current APR for the active delegation is 29%, starting with phase 3 will be around 19-20% -> full details for different scenarios are depicted here For the current waiting list is around 6%, but as mentioned above, starting with May 3rd the waiting lists will be no more incentivized.
  14. Hi, you can wait till March 23rd to delegate to a selected SP. Being in the waiting list you're very flexible, don't need to wait 10 days for unbounding as for the active delegation. Meantime, just make your homework around the SP agencies. Best regards, Marius
  15. Hi Maulik, Meantime please use https://devnet-wallet.elrond.com/dashboard, I tested right now and it's working as expected. Best regards, Marius
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