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  1. I think this is exactly what was being asked in the original question. I believe the answer is here, but warning, i have not yet used it: https://bscscan.com/token/0xbf7c81fff98bbe61b40ed186e4afd6ddd01337fe
  2. Interesting, i will look into both ("shamir secret sharing (or some tweaked reed solomon)"). I think the idea of putting any power into an "owner" might be a roadblock for recovery though, in case of a secondary untimely event. I like the idea of k out of on parts though, scattered amongst enough unbiased observers, and allowing for the total n to float in case of other untimely events but maintain the ratio... it just gets complicated as the idea would be to not put pressure on others per responsibility nor require a tech level of understanding. I sense a blockchain dapp emerging.
  3. hmmm, i thought this would garner more interest... perhaps in time when these forums get more energy, which i hope, as forum software is superior to telegram-styled exchange of information (in my opinion, of course).
  4. HI folks, i wanted to start this thread as i suspect *many* involved with Elrond, especially node/staking-agency operators, may want to consider setting up an online safety deposit box. We each need to consider the HBAB event (lightly known as the Hit-By-A-Bus event). We joke about it in software/crypto but it is a real concern, especially if we run nodes. I want to setup up a safe methodology to allow a trusted family member or colleague to be act to access my crypto assets and methodology in the event of my untimely death. I see few interest and concrete avenues for this, especially in Canada, that require the presence of a death certificate to access my data. Any and all thoughts are welcome. thank you, drew..
  5. Staking Providers have various nodes that generate revenue. The blockchain is very secure, and made even more so by a random pattern of when nodes actually participate in active duty within the blockchain itself. Each only generates revenue while actively involved, and thus, over the short-term, the random nature of this will impact your expectations. Over time, the rate will converge.
  6. hey folks, following up a telegram post, and pasting my original comment(s) here:
  7. Howdy folks, my first post, and the forum is a welcomed attribute, one most companies avoid, so embrace this! A brief note: I am an entrepreneurial software dev: having built a $30B budeting tool, been CEO of my own startup (which did not viralize), and been involved in crypto for years. Chatting with Elrond about a significant involvement with validotors due to an investment stream i am soon to be involved with. I see where Elrond can go, and will do what i can to help. I believe firmly that many larger players bought in early in order to keep killing the upswing in market prices, although i have zero proof of this other than the unbelievably low price of ERD in relation to what is being achieved. I know the swap bothers some, and perhaps rightly so, but i also suspect most who are bothered have not researched stock-to-flow ratios. I have worked in numerous crypto consulting capacities, and run a private crypto div fund and have experienced years of challenges in movement of money, and onboarding of people, in real life. It is a daily challenge. Elrond seems to be the solution to EVERYTHING that challenges my world, and i push it accordingly. My suggestion: find reasons other than price to promote this, and the price will then be your friend. Try not to want to get rich by next week, instead find the basic utility that eGld brings to the world.
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