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  1. Thanks Kevin, But my question is PEM file...
  2. Hi guys, When I created my Elrond Wallet I've secured it with an JSON File. Now, am I still able to create a PEM, so that I can do Stake? If so what is the correct procedure to create the PEM file? Please be kind, as you've seen in the title you are dealing with a beginner and my experience in this domain can be considered AT BEST close to ZERO. Thanks in advance. Kind regards, Adrian
  3. Question still stands... on "TRUST" Wallet, I made the beginner's mistake of buying ERD ERC20 without knowing you cannot do anything with that anymore. I tried swap it for anything else even ERD BEP2 without any luck. My question now is that money gone down the drain or there is still a way to exchange them for other currency in Trust Wallet? Please let me know if anyone has a solution to this... Thanks!
  4. Hello everyone, I am one of the new persons in here with minimal to zero experience in crypto. Been following for the past few weeks the CuriosITy & IGDLCC podcasts and that's how I've seen the interviews between Beniamin Mincu & George Buhnici. Now, long story short, I''ve followed the steps required to buy ERD tokens using the recommended TRUST WALLET on elrond website, but managed to encounter some small problems... As many of you probably noticed in TRUST WALLET there are 2 types of ERD token one is ECR20 and the other one is BEP2. My question is how can I swap ERD ECR20 to ERD BEP2? I've tried using the QR code (or with the address copy button) for a direct swap, also tried to swap it via ETH or BNB without any luck, every time getting an error message saying "recipient invalid address". Can anyone please help me with a solution for this problem? Kind regards, Adrian
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