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  1. Greetings, Can I get as much input as I can regarding the question: What does Elrond have that are key elements to their projects and which are considered Proprietary and protected from copying by others? Trying to discern whether others who may be better financed and/or connected will be able to undermine Elrond business by copying whatever it is that Elrond has going for itself. Thanks!
  2. Hello...ready to witness some amazing history! Good Luck everyone!
  3. Seems to me that if ERD is Trading at around $0.019 and then Elrond goes through with the change in tokenomics where for every 1000 of ERD you'll be getting 1 eGLD the price would automatically adjust to $19.00 which would mean that your questions about whether or not the price will reach $1-$5 is answered by the math of the tokenomics. Good Luck!
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