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  1. Grant

    Trust wallet

    Thanks for your comments Kevin, I bought my Elrond from Binance, I found a very helpful website that covers a number of wallet and exchange queries, https://www.pickacrypto.com/how-to-buy-elrond-network-erd/ , from here I've downloaded the Trust wallet and transferred a small amount successfully. I haven't transferred the full amount as I'd like to stake it but not sure if I can do it from the wallet and can't find the website that had it. Thanks for the advice re eGLD but I can just see myself getting into all sorts of trouble. I'm really enjoying my 'crypto' adventure but man it challenges the few grey cells I have left!
  2. Grant

    Trust wallet

    I have purchased some Elrond as I believe this is a very promising project. I'd like to store it on my Trust wallet but it gave me a choice of two tokens, do I select the ERC 20 token. I did try to store it on the Elrond wallet but Binance didn't like the address. Could someone tell me what I'm doing wrong please? Many thanks, Grant
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