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  1. and dont forget the gas you need 10.25 in your wallet to initiate a delegation transaction :)
  2. Hello ! A transaction should take few minutes from binance. Elrond upgraded the mainnet yesterday and binance should have made some maintenance to comply with the new version. Eventually check your binance wallet again and verify transaction history.
  3. Hello :) First thing first you need to run an observer/validator and own 2500 egold. this is the official documentation : https://docs.elrond.com/validators/system-requirements/ And you can find more help in the dedicated telegram channel : https://t.me/ElrondValidators Bests regards Kevin
  4. Hello :) There is something i cannot picture myself is : How the "top-up" from the SP side will work ? Does the SP need to create the DSC with (base stake + top up) eg: 1250+1250 = 2500 so this way he could ensure that at least 1 node will run no matter how many egold are in delegation ? Or does any "external wallet" will be able to delegate to complete the missing delegation ? eg: delegation cap set to "3750" with one running node (1250 in DM + 1250 in delegation) + 1250 from delegators thank you in advance for your clarifications Kevin
  5. Was it from Transak service ? Moonpay ? some bank does not accept buying crypto with card. You should contact Revolut and ask them why they does not allowing this transaction.
  6. kevin lallement


    Hello ! :) If you bought them from transak you should have them on a ERC20 wallet. Metamask maybe ? Before sending ERD to binance, you need to create an elrond wallet : https://wallet.elrond.com/ Then use the bridge to convert your ERD into EGLD https://bridge.elrond.com/ If your ERD are on metamask, it should require a bit of Ethereum to pay the transaction fees. You will find more detailed information on the bridge here : https://elrond.com/blog/elrond-token-swap-bridge/
  7. In MetaMask, go to Assets and Add a Token then personalised token and fill token adresse with Elrond's contract address : 0xF9986D445ceD31882377b5D6a5F58EaEa72288c3
  8. The easiest way for now is to leave your ERD on binance as they will support automatic swap from ERD to eGLD.
  9. I think it's time for a small presentation. My name is Kevin and i'm from France :) My interest for cryptocurrency really started in March and i discovered Elrond quite late in June. I am autodidacte and passionate in web-technologies and i believe that Elrond will occupy myself for the years to come. I am used to work with API and im fluent in SQL. Who know may be one day i will write some smart contracts on Elrond I feel like i'm taking part in history and i'm glad to help the french community in telegram and on medium as a translator :) Have a nice day !
  10. Erd could be stored on trust wallet under "ERC20" token. Binance accept deposit ERD into ERC20 or BEP2 format. (BEP2 is a format specific to binance) To be able to help you, we need to know where you buy your Elrond. For example if you buy through transak and deposit on Metamask, the format is ERC20. So you should send your ERD under the ERC20 format The elrond wallet is "ESDT" format and you should not send ERD on it. After the swap in eGLD you will be able to send eGLD on your Elrond's wallet
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