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  1. For my guide to running nodes on VPS for free, I've added a video guide for beginners. You can forward the key files from Windows. And if you don't have many nodes, you'll have enough free credit until the end of the node battle. Who wants to get away from Windows. Now is the best time to try. Manual in Medium This video describes running one node on Vultr using Ubuntu 18.04 and one node on GCP with Debian GNU/Linux OS. I used Alwin's scripts for Ubuntu 18.04 to install and run nodes.
  2. I like when developers explain all the details of the mechanics of the network. And here I find the answers to my questions, because of which I can not sleep. It is good to know the cause of the error. Thanks for that! 😉🥇
  3. Hi guys! For those who want to get more familiar with the knowledge for the future launch of Mainnet, I created a detailed guide for starting nodes on VPS. Regardless of the level of knowledge in Linux, it can be useful to everyone - both beginners and experienced users. I chose a description of connecting to two cloud providers: Vultr and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Their advantage is a welcome bonus in the form of free funds for paying for services for the duration of the trial period. These gifts are given only at the first registration of the user. And this is enough to a
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