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    Delegate Staking

    I'm excited about the future of the Elrond community and this main net launch and Maiar. The whole premise of the simplifying participation in block chain ecosystems and scaling block chain for mass adoption is exactly what this technology needs at this time. That being said, I'm feeling like I'm in a bit of a holding pattern. The contract state for my delegate staking is "validating." I appear to have been assigned a delegation contract address and an extended delegation contract address. The reward percentages are clearly listed; however, it also states that 0 ERD are available for delegating. Does that refer to a limited number of delegation slots; and I'm now in line waiting for someone to unstake or does that refer to the number of ERD validated from the thousands of ERD in my Metamask Wallet? If the former, what are the options? Will my delegation contract automatically go through once a position opens up or do I need to check this regularly? Should I expect an e-mail detailing the status of my staking contracts and likely timeframe for fulfillment? If fulfillment of the contract is likely, I would prefer to participate in the genesis. If it is unlikely, I do have alternative, albeit less preferable, opportunities to earn something with my ERD. This is an exciting time to be involved in Elrond. My only recommendation is that we create a robust feedback and confirmation system for individual users. If someone with some experience is left with questions, someone with no or limited experience will be discouraged. The ecosystem needs to rapidly notify users that what they are trying to do is successful, unsuccessful due to whatever reason with a provided solution or will be successful within a timeframe with a follow-up communication. I look forward someone answering my question and hip the developers find this recommendation helpful.
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