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  1. The Elrond Prestaking Smart Contract can be viewed in Etherscan at this address: 0xE9F97FCa1C8C1dDC6649104A6dBCD400D073A445 You can see a decompiled version here, just press the button: https://etherscan.io/bytecode-decompiler?a=0xE9F97FCa1C8C1dDC6649104A6dBCD400D073A445
  2. I forgot to mention, those are Elrond Testnet wallets, while I appreciate the love, don't send real tokens like BEP2 or ERC-20 to them, ok? Thanks!
  3. If you're not familiar with Mission 6, let me tell you what needs to happen: When the snapshot will be performed on Monday 23 December 12:00 UTC, your wallet balance should be as close as possible to ZERO. You can do whatever you want with your ERD, voting for articles will be the most popular approach, BUT, in the spirit of Shadow Shards, you could be attacking other players, filling their wallet for the snapshot. Having ERD in their wallet can send someone way down on the Leaderboard, this means better chances for you! I'm putting a target on my back!! In a last attempt to have some fun, I challenge you to keep my wallets full for the snapshot. I will try my best to defend my castle and empty the wallets, but depending on the timing, you have a pretty good chance to knock me out of the leaderboard. What can I gain from this? Well, some battle scars :)) and funds for voting, or attacking others! There are no rules in this mission, everything goes!! Here are my wallets: Turtle: 5f06bfe68e78edc52bc642e2bfc56074b98678e7219cfeacfdb6b45fbcf23442 Weasel: 767b0cfd471501c760d3338e5dcb16836f7e9cd7366387851b92022ac6cba020 Eagle: cf51fc9eab73998545e2390a563c7a11603e37d0b581ee18bd1c5b1dc1343563 Raven: 1f59999f81032463036b7414ab65ffbca003542582ec78ebd8032c44ddc7024c Panda: 0f66deababd94d0de7fc205fed533f5bc6a31f9f21f3889f793f8f742ef3f41b Snake: 84fb6cd51e5b5e0c557018bd869a953e645d4e58de0e562acd42f6dd6e0ed2e4 Good luck and have fun! PS: This is also a publicity stunt, so, if you liked my article you can also send your ERD to the voting address at 640e7e30c684aafc3c959881b38ee6bc510798267e7cdc78a314f05ae5294a40. Cheers!!
  4. The list of submitted articles can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hLrZe2he5vhb5_V6KnvOElVtdhHLyb5X8iI9hRMJjOM/edit?folder=1AMhIA0niwZzOVXt5b2MiaqMyW6TIfslp#gid=0 It's not too late to send yours, the value of these articles surpasses even the best community campaign. Don't forget to submit the articles on the Community Platform as well. Have fun reading and writing!
  5. Here is a all you need to know on the technical level about Samsung's cryto enabling Keystore: https://developer.samsung.com/blockchain/keystore/understanding-sdk Elrond will be supported by the Samsung wallet, as a partnership has been announced.
  6. I think you send the binary payload as data on a transaction to an address with lots or all zeros. It should create a smart contract. Please correct me if I'm wrong, it's all I can remember on this topic, I haven't tried it myself.
  7. Yes, unfortunately you've missed the Second registration window and you'll have to wait for the Third, the dates will be announced soon.
  8. If this round another node of mine gets the top score/uptime, will this be added to the top score from previous round or to the exact node's score/uptime? Does an individual node identity matter for overall uptime/score/rewards? Or top score at the end end will be sum of personal top scores so far. Thanks
  9. If you're already in Round 1 and don't want to add more nodes, you don't have to submit this form!
  10. Awesome! I've started making a living as a validator:
  11. Contabo is by far the cheapest option, 9 euro per month for 6 cores, 16GB RAM, 400GB SSD, 400 Mbit/s port (unlimited traffic). I run 3 instances on it and the proposed block rate is not 100% successful. Those pushing the limits of their hardware will suffer! My advice is to make adjustments for the next waves and ditch the nodes you cannot run at decent performance. As more of us will migrate to Contabo, we'll be at the mercy of Contabo, they might not like our activity and they might impose limits, I hope it doesn't happen though. Most other similarly priced VPSs have a storage problem, max 50gb or so. If the activity is intense, the database will grow quite easily, take care of this aspect. It's not in anyone's interest to have dead nodes as the shard might get frozen without 2/3 active nodes. So keep your enemies close 🙂
  12. If you've registered this identity in the Battle of Nodes, the next release will enable you as validator.
  13. Yep, generated pems are not copied in the node's config folder, I'm getting the same feedback and I was sending some people chasing green horses on the walls :)) Romanian saying
  14. Level 2, discover the possibilities:
  15. Nice catch, it should be https://t.me/ElrondValidators
  16. 💡 If you're running your node on Linux, on a remote machine, you can connect to it from Windows using WinSCP or MobaXterm and easily download your pem files.
  17. If you lose the *.pem files (aka your node's identity) where you found the public keys used to register for the Battle as a Validator, you're dead! At least you chance to get that perfect score is 😅 Make a habit of backing up these files, it's really not that hard. After you have a working node, you'll find them in the config folder that sits next to your node executable. My advice is to pack initialNodesSk.pem and initialBalancesSk.pem into a zip achive, setting up an optional password that you'll not forget, and store it on a different device or on a private file locker like Google Drive. You might need this to revive your original node in case of disaster. Inactive nodes will get pruned from the shard setup when a new Testnet version is released, so your goal should be to have your registered node running 24/7. Good luck!
  18. Let's continue the screenshot battle on a dedicated community thread and keep this thread educational! Thanks!!
  19. Share your nodes with the world, you've worked hard to get them running and keep them updated, but it's getting easier by the day! Follow the guides here to get you started: Here's my screenshot!
  20. And the screenshot battle is ON!! 😎 Not yet running on Alwins great multi node totorial, but I can easily incorporate my erd1mod.patch (available on my github) in it for pimping my nodes and deploy.
  21. Same here, first time running blockchain software other than wallets, first time being an active community member. I've chosen Elrond as it implements Sorin's Proof Of Stake, also known as SPoS. Haha, kidding, I'm fortunate enough to live in Sibiu and be close enough to the team. They've lured me at a Meetup with free pizza and now they can seem to get rid of me 🤩 Cheers guys!!
  22. Let's kick off this thread with the Top 3 hard workers of the latest 24h endurance tournament: Well done guys!! Join the madness at https://cryptobubbles.io Learn to play it like a pro following this guide: Play Cryptobubbles.io competitively (https://medium.com/@etarantulo/play-cryptobubbles-io-competitively-c076830518fc)
  23. TO DO: write something about me I run nodes, talk about nodes, help you set up nodes. I'm a developer. See you around 😜
  24. Official guide for setting up a node: https://docs.elrond.com/start-a-validator-node/start-the-network Community enhanced official scripts: https://github.com/ElrondNetwork/elrond-go-scripts Community tutorials: “FAQ running Elrond Network node for the first time” by Jose F. Aznar https://link.medium.com/4ime0uLMn0 “Fast Install & Update Elrond Nodes” by Jose F. Aznar https://link.medium.com/pQxZjzOMn0
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