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  1. While the official docs are in development I'm maintaining a small cheat sheet document of the features of the Rust SDK and scenario testing framework as I discover them https://hackmd.io/@wollum/Bko-Zky1v Hopefully others will find this useful as well
  2. Hi, I would usually post this on github but I couldn't find the repo for the docs/tutorials. It looks like there is a minor issue with the tutorial which results in the tests not passing. The init function should be annotated with the `#[init]` attribute macro e.g. ``` #[elrond_wasm_derive::contract(CrowdfundingImpl)] pub trait Crowdfunding { fn init(&self) { } } ``` should be ``` #[elrond_wasm_derive::contract(CrowdfundingImpl)] pub trait Crowdfunding { #[init] fn init(&self
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