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  1. I've tried a few things and nothing is working. I can see the token on the etherscan.io/tokens. I have added it to my metamask, but nothing appears. I would prefer to just undo the token if that is an option since I missed the staking anyway.
  2. Good afternoon, I was trying to stake my ERD, but it looks like the contracts are full. I have about 9k Elrond stuck on the delegation page. I can't get it out of my Metamask. My contract wallet is 0x01d76359234661449ca97e19119A62cF81bE1302 but my Elrond address is erd1wamgf55r3cgenz6gcjg3vpvektp5z8d9dvcmdr4087t5m8x48qwqr96cq3 So I would like to either delegate that amount, or return it to another wallet. Am I missing something super easy? Thank you in advance!
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