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  1. I search with the API of Elrond to send a transaction but how calculate the signature ? The example in docs works for transaction/send but here for the signature explanation is empty: https://docs.elrond.com/developers/signing-transactions I would like in C# calculate a signature for a transaction Is for my own project here: https://github.com/Digital3D/ElrondConsole (.Net Windows C#) Thanks David
  2. Thank you very much for your script. I tested and it works but... I have in screen no same result like my Linux VPS Node, we see the screen of the node but always same message appears: {"caller_ok":true,"extra":null,"file":"C:/Users/Administrator/go/src/github.com/ElrondNetwork/elrond-go/consensus/spos/worker.go","level":"info","line_number":409,"msg":"extend function is called from subround: (START_ROUND)\n","time":"2020-06-15T17:43:51+02:00"} {"caller_ok":true,"extra":null,"file":"C:/Users/Administrator/go/src/github.com/ElrondNetwork/elrond-go/consensus/chronology/chronology.go","l
  3. Dado


    Hello, My name is Dado, I live in Europe and I'm a beginner, I installed a Elrond Node, it runs on a little linux server but I would like to run a Node on a Big server on Windows OS, I found an old version to run an old node but it runs but all information in the screen seems work into the deep hole space, compared to my version on Linux, I see I hash but not on Windows. Please Elrond Team, don't forget a simple good setup for Windows OS because we have huge server usefull for you ! Thanks
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