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    My name is Dan, [UoE] political science undergrad + MBA. Two months after graduation I got entangled in this ambitious project. Involvement is the best way in shaping the future and this is why I’m happy to put so much time into advocating Elrond.
  2. After successfully completing the event registration process, let's help you set up your node! Please follow the following steps: 1. Check that your computer fits the minimum requirements for running a node: 2CPU, 4GB RAM, 200GB disk space, broadband network connection. Running multiple nodes on the same computer is possible, please consider sizing accordingly 2. Depending on your system's operating system, please follow the corresponding guide: Linux & MacOS - Node installation instructions 3. Locate the .pem files and extract the two public keys needed to register the node with the network. Linux: $HOME/elrond-nodes/node-0/config <-this is the default path, make sure to use your own Back up the initialBalancesSk.pem & initialNodesSk.pem files somewhere safe, you will need these to recover your node! Extracting a public key: Both .pem files generated in keygenerator directory have the same structure just like in the snippet bellow: -----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY for c751005bdd64a7f1a4dfd56937af732907c4ee3a405b05ea43dd84682285a534----- MzdmMGU0MmU4MZDBl0OBkYjk0GZlMYlMTQ5zM0MTViOzA2ODFmZTEzRlMjGIwMjd NmQ5ODM1NmYxMzY4N2MwYg== -----END PRIVATE KEY for c751005bdd64a7f1a4dfd56937af732907c4ee3a405b05ea43dd84682285a534----- Note that the public key is the text right after "-----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY for ", so in this case c751005bdd64a7f1a4dfd56937af732907c4ee3a405b05ea43dd84682285a534 initialNodesSk.pem will contain a public key with a length of 256 hexadecimal characters. The public key from initialBalancesSk.pem is 64 hexadecimal characters long 3. Fill in this form with the relevant data we need to collect for managing the test event going further. You are done. Make sure you check the Battle of Nodes announcement thread often, keep your node running and do the regular and secret missions to up your rewards!
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