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  1. Looking at the response from Adrian above, this is flat out wrong...
  2. Thanks for the explanation, however it feels a bit weird to have an approximate APR listed that isn't close to the truth, for either of the locked/unlocked stakers. It would make more sense to then list the true approximate APR on the unlocked and locked variants on there. I am guessing you could show those numbers if you wanted to. Just my 2 cents.
  3. I've started staking in the EGLD-MEX Maiar pool with my LP tokens, but I am not seeing the reported +2,300% APR at all. My stake is 15k USD, which should yield numbers like this: Yearly: 345k Daily: 945 Hourly: 39 What I am seeing is around 24 USD per hour in MEX tokens, which equates to: Daily: 576 Yearly: 210k And an APR of around 1,400% Anyone else seeing this?
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