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  1. Yes, i think is the best option
  2. Thanks, yes, i was researching a lot about this and i think is not worth, found this calculator https://whiteboardcrypto.com/impermanent-loss-calculator/ If egld goes to 1500 dollars in 10 days, which is possible, i would get like double just holding it, it is all a bet as everything in crypto, also the apr is going down fast, last day i think was 300% higher. Also depends if mex goes down, which i think it is what is going to happen as volume is going down and most people who wanted to buy already bought. You can end having half of your egld and more mex which dropped in price. Also if you just sell your egld at the top and then buy mex at the bottom could be even more profitable. egld usdc pair for sure you would end with less egld, the best scenario for egld mex pair is that mex also went up, that would be a win for liquidity providers
  3. Hello, I am confused about what you get for adding liquidity, if i add 10 egld and the same value in mex i would get 10 LP egld mex tokens or i would get nothing but the 0.25% of the proportional share in LP tokens? and the rewards i get for staking LP tokens would be more LP tokens or what?
  4. I have seen the maiar analytics and say the EGLD MEX pool has got 60600$ fees in the last day, and when i try to add liquidity mentions i would get 0.0005% of the total share, so that means i would get just 30.3$ that day (60600*0.0005)?
  5. Hello, Maiar exchange disconnects me after a few minutes using Ledger and it is a pain, how can increase the time it needs to disconnect?
  6. Yes but don't know if it is going down now or is going up
  7. Yes, but it is a 2500% now, maybe drops fast, and i don't know to what would be applied that 2500% if i get 2500% apr of 100 dollars would be very little gains, don't know what one can get more or less with that 0.25% which gives me the LP tokens to stake and get that high apr
  8. DPG

    Swap fail

    Same happened to me, but i didn't get any error message, i got a similar price to yours and i am feeling the same, it hurts, i contacted elrond help y elrond.com and they just told me i try again, they didn't even understand what happened and don't care. Still have an opportunity if MEX goes down and EGLD goes up much more
  9. Hello, I wonder if it is worth adding liquidity cause the impermanent loss, if i understood it well, if MEX prIce went down (i don't know if it has already been going down or is still going up) and the EGLD went up i would get less EGLD and more MEX and would have won more money without adding liquidity, but it can be compensated for the 0.25% i would get which is mentioned in the maiar exchange but i have no idea how much that could be , i could add liquidity around 10 egld and the same woth in mex, how much that could give me daily more or less?
  10. Hello, I couldn't find any graph about the MEX token evolution, can anyone tell me what has been the max price more or less?
  11. But i had bought almost to starting price, i lost a fortune, at least pancakeswap tells you if transaction failed
  12. At least you got an error, i got no errors and no mex, if i had an error i would have tried again, and in the end i got 0 MEX too
  13. Hello, I swapped EGLD to MEX at the very beginning and ledger made me sign two transactions i signed, maiar said transactions were pending and then ledger timed out i reconnected again and shows nothing about the pending transactions and shows no errors in history, what happened with my swap? it got it almost at starting price and now i got nothing after several minutes passed, is this normal? must i wait longer? or swap just didn't work and gave no errors?
  14. But i would get it back the same egld quantity i spent?
  15. So if i spend lets say 1 egld to buy tokens and i don't win anything i would get back 1 egld or the price egld had when i paid for the lottery ticket?
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