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  1. Good point. Should have another AMA in the next 2 weeks.
  2. Hey Petr! Noted, thanks for the feedback.
  3. Sounds great. Keep spreading the word! 😁
  4. Great to have you on our team, Lucian! 🙏
  5. Welcome @radutiu, great to have you! Are you from Sibiu?
  6. Welcome to Elrond @josefcoap! 🙌 How did you stumble on Elrond?
  7. Beniamin Mincu

    Nǐ hǎo

    Great to have you with us, Dan. Keep up the great work! 🙏
  8. Welcome @Victor! Would have been really great to invent Elrond in March 2009, guess you've meant 2019 😁 Would be great to share relevant updates about Elrond on your blog.
  9. Great to have you onboard @Danny Serb! Tattoo photo would be perfect! 😁
  10. Welcome to Elrond @TarantuloTV! Great design, keep it coming 😊 By the way, how did you come across Elrond?
  11. Beniamin Mincu


    Great to have you as well @Bambarello! Curious, what other interesting communities are you guys part of? 😁
  12. Beniamin Mincu


    Great to have you with us @nakashu! What would be your top feedback based on what you've seen until now?
  13. Welcome Sever from the internet! Great to have you with us 🙏
  14. Welcome @RandyArl! Fascinating background. Philosophy is a great tool for discovering truth, but devoid of logic and a good dose of empirical skepticism it can leave you wondering in infinitely nonsensical circles. I'm quite curious how did you arrive at fortune telling? 😀
  15. Hello and welcome @collinagba5! Where did you hear about Elrond?
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