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  1. I found a human on the help.elrond. They weren't any help at all. they told me it was my fault..... I guess I shouldn't have worn that sexy dress..
  2. Great. Lets find them and make them pay it back. I literally unstaked my tokens and then they were gone...I've never had a problem like this. I unstaked that money because I needed it for an emergency.
  3. I have the same problem. 12 egld sent to that exact address that I did not initiate.
  4. After unstaking and Finalizing 12 of my egld were send to an address that is not mine. I did not initiate this transaction.
  5. I would love to know where my money is. Any response would be appreciated oh wise and all knowing magic money masters.
  6. is it a 7 days to unstake then 10 days to withdrawal to wallet?
  7. erd1tdtnanppencmrqhd9c4c4vs2c5xm35he0dec7qxngnzgvkaeyyksqmwcqf
  8. my fund are also missing. its' been 12 days. there is a transaction sending 12 of my unstaked tokens that I did not initiate to an address that is not mine.
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