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  1. Another small issue which I'd rather not create a new thread for is that api.elrond.com returns a 500 Internal Server Error on these requests : It works on the devnet and testnet, it just doesn't work on the mainnet. Unfortunately typescript is not really my cup of tea so I wasn't able to debug this and send a fix on GitHub.
  2. I'm pretty sure that when I created my first walet via WebWallet I had the keyphrase. It's quite sad if you lost it but I guess the best thing for you to do is just create a wallet via Maiar and transfer all your current EGLD there. And then just use the old wallet as a secondary wallet if you ever need one. The transfer is negligible so you would probably just lose a few cents. But it's better than losing the keystore too and then losing all your assets 😄. Keep your phrase secure as it's the only way I know of to actually recover an account no matter what wallet you're using.
  3. Hi! I came across this while playing around with NFTs on the devnet. So it seems that the retrieved NFT object in the API has a wrong name... Here's how to reproduce: Create a new NFT Collection. I already created one, here's the API Request to GET the new collection.: Create a new NFT in this collection. Send the transaction. Then GET the NFT's via API: Notice how we set the name as "TheRealNFTName" in the creation step. As you can see here. The name of the NFT is actually the name of the collection, not of the NFT itself. The wallet returns the same value (probably because of using the API ) and so does ElrondScan. Most probably the API Method to GET NFTs (and GET NFT/{identifier} as it seems to have the same behaviour) actually set the collection name to the final object that is sent as a result. Either that or the Create Method registers the collection name as the NFT name instead. Or is this just expected behaviour? How do I retrieve the actual NFT name then?
  4. Thanks, for whomever it may concern, you can find all the chainIDs and proxy information on the erdpy configuration section -> https://docs.elrond.com/sdk-and-tools/erdpy/configuring-erdpy/
  5. Hi guys! Is there a known "alternative" for a marketplace like OpenSea for the Elrond Network? Or have there been any discussions with OpenSea to integrate Elrond NFT's?
  6. Can we already deploy contracts on the Mainnet? If yes, what is the chainId?
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