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  1. Hi, I got this sorted. Saw your post while I was looking for a solution so came back to help you guys. You have to first add Elrond as a token (under Custom) in Metamask. To do this, click Metamask to open it, then click on the three dots to the right, then click View On Etherscan. In the Overview section on Etherscan, use the dropdown box and select Elrond. Then copy the CONTRACT ADDRESS over on the right. Go back to Metamask, scroll down and click Add Token, the select Custom Token. Paste the contract address into the field there, then "erd" in the token symbol field. The rest should auto-populate. Click Next and Elrond should be added in your list of Assets. Now just click on it and click Send, and send it to an ERC20 Elrond wallet address (I did it successfully sending back to Binance - choose the ERC20 wallet not the BEP20 wallet). Do a test send, then if confident send the rest. Boom. Ready for mainnet. Metamask is an Ethereum wallet, therefore your Elrond tokens are ERC20 if they are in Metamask. They have to be sent back to an Ethereum wallet.
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