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    Hey guys. I am Beniamin, Founder & CEO of Elrond. I spend most of my time thinking about the long term vision of Elrond, setting near-term milestones, overcommunicating them internally and externally, bringing the brightest minds I know together in the Elrond team, and pushing hard along our team on all fronts to advance in the right direction at high speed. I've been in the bloclchain space since 2013, joined the NEM Core team in 2014, and later invested in more than 30 blockchain startups. However, the last two years have been undoubtedly the most challenging and gratifying years of my life. Roughly around this time two years ago, together with my brother, we set out to solve what we thought were the most pressing problems in the space, and bring a 3 orders of magnitude improvement in blockchain scalability, speed, cost and user experience. It was obvious to us at that point that such an improvement would have an enormous impact on the space, and could in fact be comparable to the Internet transition from dialup to broadband. So after ~2 months of private discussions, we gathered some of our smartest technical friends together for a first meeting about this new project. The rest, as they say, is history. 😁 In Elrond we've built a team with which we can literally build rockets, a feat clearly visible in the speed and resourcefulness with which we deconstruct, tackle and overcome obstacles. We're still early in this game, and you'll probably see several other products coming from the Elrond team in an effort to achieve our core ambition: bring a 1000x improvement in blockchain speed, scale, cost and user experience - to give anyone, anywhere easy access to the digital economy. P.S. I'm very excited to finally see the forum come alive. Through it we'll hopefully discover great people from our community, engage in thoughtful dialogue on various Elrond topics, and strengthen our ecosystem. See you around!
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