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    Official guide for setting up a node: https://docs.elrond.com/start-a-validator-node/start-the-network Community enhanced official scripts: https://github.com/ElrondNetwork/elrond-go-scripts Community tutorials: “FAQ running Elrond Network node for the first time” by Jose F. Aznar https://link.medium.com/4ime0uLMn0 “Fast Install & Update Elrond Nodes” by Jose F. Aznar https://link.medium.com/pQxZjzOMn0
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    My name is Dan, [UoE] political science undergrad + MBA. Two months after graduation I got entangled in this ambitious project. Involvement is the best way in shaping the future and this is why I’m happy to put so much time into advocating Elrond.
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    The Elrond code imports a repository created by Cloudflare (bn256) for generating some private/public pairs of keys. Due to a bug in that repository, it wasn't possible until today to run a node on a Raspberry PI. But this evening, thanks to Adrian Dobrita (one of the core developers at Elrond), the bug was discovered. So in order to be able to build and run the node on linux / arm64, it is necessary to make the following modification : check line 63 in file mul_arm64.h and change from "ADDS R25, c3 " to "ADDS R1, c3 " That's all folks ! Enjoy 😉
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    After successfully completing the event registration process, let's help you set up your node! Please follow the following steps: 1. Check that your computer fits the minimum requirements for running a node: 2CPU, 4GB RAM, 200GB disk space, broadband network connection. Running multiple nodes on the same computer is possible, please consider sizing accordingly 2. Depending on your system's operating system, please follow the corresponding guide: Linux & MacOS - Node installation instructions 3. Locate the .pem files and extract the two public keys needed to register the node with the network. Linux: $HOME/elrond-nodes/node-0/config <-this is the default path, make sure to use your own Back up the initialBalancesSk.pem & initialNodesSk.pem files somewhere safe, you will need these to recover your node! Extracting a public key: Both .pem files generated in keygenerator directory have the same structure just like in the snippet bellow: -----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY for c751005bdd64a7f1a4dfd56937af732907c4ee3a405b05ea43dd84682285a534----- MzdmMGU0MmU4MZDBl0OBkYjk0GZlMYlMTQ5zM0MTViOzA2ODFmZTEzRlMjGIwMjd NmQ5ODM1NmYxMzY4N2MwYg== -----END PRIVATE KEY for c751005bdd64a7f1a4dfd56937af732907c4ee3a405b05ea43dd84682285a534----- Note that the public key is the text right after "-----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY for ", so in this case c751005bdd64a7f1a4dfd56937af732907c4ee3a405b05ea43dd84682285a534 initialNodesSk.pem will contain a public key with a length of 256 hexadecimal characters. The public key from initialBalancesSk.pem is 64 hexadecimal characters long 3. Fill in this form with the relevant data we need to collect for managing the test event going further. You are done. Make sure you check the Battle of Nodes announcement thread often, keep your node running and do the regular and secret missions to up your rewards!
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    Just registered and Whitelisted my account on https://www.westart.co/project/elrond-battle-of-nodes
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    We can discuss here about the tests of running the nodes on raspbian OS with Raspberry Pi devices
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    I just finished writing a Medium post on how to run and maintain one or multiple nodes in Ubuntu 18.04. I hope you like it and please send me feedback for improvements! https://medium.com/@haklander/run-and-maintain-one-or-multiple-elrond-nodes-in-ubuntu-18-04-5f5c9658e580
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    Battle of Nodes “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, but the one that is most adaptable to change” - Charles Darwin In order to make Elrond a sustainable layer that will stand tall in the face of any challenge, we are building antifragility into its core. Right from the first testnet phase we invite everyone to discover what it means to run a node, get rewards, and put the network through a trial by fire so it will emerge stronger. The Battle of Nodes will feature a Testnet-as-a-Battleground environment where test node operators will be rewarded for supporting the network and even more so for trying to break it. Goals of the Event The purpose of this exercise is to: Stress test our sharded proof of stake architecture and its inherent complexities in preparation for launching our mainnet; Prepare our node validators for operating in real conditions that will include unfavorable conditions and adversity; Collect newly discovered bugs, learn about potential attacks and use the findings to further strengthen our network. Reward pool: $50.000 Schedule: Registration: 01 October 2019 - 06 October 2019 Build: 07 October 2019 - 27 October 2019 Challenge: 28 October 2019 - 10 November 2019 Assault: 06 November 2019 - 20 November 2019 Who can join? The event is an opportunity for anyone looking to get an early start to earning in the new distributed economy. You will learn more about decentralized networks and how to leverage their infrastructure to generate income while you sleep. A coffee stained laptop, basic computer skills and a good dose of curiosity will be enough to join, as plenty of support will be offered along the way. The event will reward all those who contribute their time and resources in meaningful ways. We are calling out for tech wizards to find new bugs & smart ways of attacking or protecting the network, wise elders to provide the team & community with their support, content & guidance and for all eager warriors to prove their worth in battle. Together, we will push the Elrond network to its limits and beyond so the mainnet launches not as a newly built castle but as a fortress that has withstood the fiercest of assaults, The Battle of Nodes! Terms of engagement The event will run in consecutive stages that will happen over the course of 2 months. Rewards will be accumulated through every stage and displayed live on the leaderboards. This is a test of endurance for the Elrond network but also for you, so make sure to stay active from start till end to maximize your gains! At the end of the event we will grant special prizes to the top scoring nodes, as well as to participants that have distinguished themselves in notable ways, such as helping others, providing valuable insights, creating relevant content and so on. A guide for earning rewards and scoring details will be published in due time. Register (01 Oct - 06 Oct) - Sign up for the event starting with Tuesday 1st of October by accessing this link. We welcome all submissions until Tuesday the 22nd of October. We will kindly ask you to go through a KYC procedure and agree to necessary terms and conditions. You should: Fill a registration form; Provide KYC documents; Receive confirmation. Start setting up your node Build (07 Oct - 27 Oct) - At this stage, the Battle of Nodes testnet is officially online. Rewards calculation for uptime and missions will start on Monday the 7th of October. Nodes can however join the Battle of Nodes testnet before this date, immediately after the initial announcement. Collecting maximum rewards will only be possible if your node is properly configured and online on the 7th of October. You should: Maintain uptime for your node Send out transactions Run periodic missions Challenge (28 Oct - 10Nov): Stress testing the network begins. We will ask participants to perform various tasks such as sending batches of transactions, accessing smart contracts and some other surprise missions. The primary objective is to observe the performance of the network and its resilience under heavy workload conditions. You should: Send transactions of varying complexity; Ensure high uptime for your node; Help stress the network; Check for new tasks and updates at least once per day Assault (06 Nov - 20 Nov): The battle begins! What goes up must come down. Is this true for the most innovative mix of blockchain technologies? Let’s find out! In this stage, participants will be encouraged to try and slowdown, hijack or crash the network. To maximize your rewards, you should accrue as many rewards as possible, by any means. Keep doing Phase 2 (Challenge) missions as well. You should: Try to attack the network and other nodes; Keep your node running at all costs; Maximize your rewards by any means (within the Rules). Registration for the event starts on Tuesday the 1st of October. Make sure to spread the word - challenge your friends and rivals to compete in the Battle of Nodes for epic rewards in the form of mainnet ERD tokens, everlasting glory etched in unique Elrond non-fungible tokens and above all for ultra-nerd non-stop fun! Thank you, and may the best node runner win! The Elrond Team --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Joining the Battle of Nodes event - cheat sheet! 🕵️‍ Pass KYC 💻 Setup node(s) 📑 Fill Form 🧐 Read FAQ 💬 Join Validators TG 📣Follow the forum Additional information can be found at these links: Official Battle of Nodes discussion board Frequently Asked Questions Rules of engagement How to set up a node Battle of Nodes landing page
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