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    Official guide for setting up a node: https://docs.elrond.com/start-a-validator-node/start-the-network Community enhanced official scripts: https://github.com/ElrondNetwork/elrond-go-scripts Community tutorials: “FAQ running Elrond Network node for the first time” by Jose F. Aznar https://link.medium.com/4ime0uLMn0 “Fast Install & Update Elrond Nodes” by Jose F. Aznar https://link.medium.com/pQxZjzOMn0
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    Battle of Nodes “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, but the one that is most adaptable to change” - Charles Darwin In order to make Elrond a sustainable layer that will stand tall in the face of any challenge, we are building antifragility into its core. Right from the first testnet phase we invite everyone to discover what it means to run a node, get rewards, and put the network through a trial by fire so it will emerge stronger. The Battle of Nodes will feature a Testnet-as-a-Battleground environment where test node operators will be rewarded for supporting the network and even more so for trying to break it. Goals of the Event The purpose of this exercise is to: Stress test our sharded proof of stake architecture and its inherent complexities in preparation for launching our mainnet; Prepare our node validators for operating in real conditions that will include unfavorable conditions and adversity; Collect newly discovered bugs, learn about potential attacks and use the findings to further strengthen our network. Reward pool: $50.000 Schedule: Registration: 01 October 2019 - 06 October 2019 Build: 07 October 2019 - 27 October 2019 Challenge: 28 October 2019 - 10 November 2019 Assault: 06 November 2019 - 20 November 2019 Who can join? The event is an opportunity for anyone looking to get an early start to earning in the new distributed economy. You will learn more about decentralized networks and how to leverage their infrastructure to generate income while you sleep. A coffee stained laptop, basic computer skills and a good dose of curiosity will be enough to join, as plenty of support will be offered along the way. The event will reward all those who contribute their time and resources in meaningful ways. We are calling out for tech wizards to find new bugs & smart ways of attacking or protecting the network, wise elders to provide the team & community with their support, content & guidance and for all eager warriors to prove their worth in battle. Together, we will push the Elrond network to its limits and beyond so the mainnet launches not as a newly built castle but as a fortress that has withstood the fiercest of assaults, The Battle of Nodes! Terms of engagement The event will run in consecutive stages that will happen over the course of 2 months. Rewards will be accumulated through every stage and displayed live on the leaderboards. This is a test of endurance for the Elrond network but also for you, so make sure to stay active from start till end to maximize your gains! At the end of the event we will grant special prizes to the top scoring nodes, as well as to participants that have distinguished themselves in notable ways, such as helping others, providing valuable insights, creating relevant content and so on. A guide for earning rewards and scoring details will be published in due time. Register (01 Oct - 06 Oct) - Sign up for the event starting with Tuesday 1st of October by accessing this link. We welcome all submissions until Tuesday the 22nd of October. We will kindly ask you to go through a KYC procedure and agree to necessary terms and conditions. You should: Fill a registration form; Provide KYC documents; Receive confirmation. Start setting up your node Build (07 Oct - 27 Oct) - At this stage, the Battle of Nodes testnet is officially online. Rewards calculation for uptime and missions will start on Monday the 7th of October. Nodes can however join the Battle of Nodes testnet before this date, immediately after the initial announcement. Collecting maximum rewards will only be possible if your node is properly configured and online on the 7th of October. You should: Maintain uptime for your node Send out transactions Run periodic missions Challenge (28 Oct - 10Nov): Stress testing the network begins. We will ask participants to perform various tasks such as sending batches of transactions, accessing smart contracts and some other surprise missions. The primary objective is to observe the performance of the network and its resilience under heavy workload conditions. You should: Send transactions of varying complexity; Ensure high uptime for your node; Help stress the network; Check for new tasks and updates at least once per day Assault (06 Nov - 20 Nov): The battle begins! What goes up must come down. Is this true for the most innovative mix of blockchain technologies? Let’s find out! In this stage, participants will be encouraged to try and slowdown, hijack or crash the network. To maximize your rewards, you should accrue as many rewards as possible, by any means. Keep doing Phase 2 (Challenge) missions as well. You should: Try to attack the network and other nodes; Keep your node running at all costs; Maximize your rewards by any means (within the Rules). Registration for the event starts on Tuesday the 1st of October. Make sure to spread the word - challenge your friends and rivals to compete in the Battle of Nodes for epic rewards in the form of mainnet ERD tokens, everlasting glory etched in unique Elrond non-fungible tokens and above all for ultra-nerd non-stop fun! Thank you, and may the best node runner win! The Elrond Team --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Joining the Battle of Nodes event - cheat sheet! 🕵️‍ Pass KYC 💻 Setup node(s) 📑 Fill Form 🧐 Read FAQ 💬 Join Validators TG 📣Follow the forum Additional information can be found at these links: Official Battle of Nodes discussion board Frequently Asked Questions Rules of engagement How to set up a node Battle of Nodes landing page
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    Hi guys. I am Lucian. I am a serial technology entrepreneur and angel investor, with more than 15 years experience in Internet and tech related businesses. I took the first step towards entrepreneurship in 2001, when, as a 21 years old student, launched the first website that later became known as Soft32.com. In 2002, I decided to drop The Bucharest University of Economic Studies where I was specializing in Finance, Insurance, Banking and Stock Exchange in order to focus on building and expanding the Soft32 platform that, at its peak, listed more than 150 000 apps and was visited by more than 10M users each month. Soft32 was acknowledged in 2014 as one of the fastest growing tech startups in Europe and EMEA. I was involved in several other tech startups activating in mobile payments, gaming, travel or mobile advertising. As an angel investor I invested in several companies: Smartbill - the most used Romanian invoicing and accounting SaaS platform; TypingDNA (Techstars NYC'18 Company) offering typing biometrics and 2FA solutions for securing devices and web applications; Homefresh, the pioneer meal kit delivery service. In the last 2 years I focused on blockchain projects as well. At Elrond I am more focused on the operational and financial side, but I am also managing a user-focused project, soon to be launched.
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    I make here a simple tutorial on how to run multiple node on single machine and changing shard id https://medium.com/@jeff.penaflor1983/tutorial-on-how-to-run-multiple-elrond-node-in-one-machine-for-windows-changing-shard-id-173392bd2f35
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    Dear community memebers, Here is an overview on the scoring and rewards methodology. Battle of Nodes: Scoring & Rewards 🔹Earn rewards for maintaining node(s) and completing missions 🔹Earn special prizes for successful attacks, bug discovery and excellent behavior 🔹Points are awarded for each node daily and added up at the end of the event 🔹Prize pool split between special prizes and uptime rewards 🔹Surprise & secret missions for bonus points 🔹Track your nodes on the leaderboards The $50.000 prize pool will be split into two categories: 🏆 Special Prizes will be awarded for the following categories: ⏱ Uptime - The highest scoring node per account - 7 prizes ⚔️ Attacks - The best executed attacks on the network 🕺 Community - Members that stand out throughout the event. 👾 Bugs - The most critical bugs or issues discovered 📊 Leaderboards will track the ranking of nodes based on their added daily score, a sum of: Rewards - 3 points per earned reward Online - 1 point per 1 minute spent online Missions - 1.000 points per mission (variable) Client version - penalty for not updating The philosophy behind the Battle of Nodes scoring is to reward each node according to their individual conditions, so at the end of each day, node scores are comparable. This is done by factoring in all the many variables of each shard and determining a daily "shard optimum" - the average score possible under the given conditions. Actual results are compared to this optimum to obtain the daily score. Read below to get a better understanding about how we make this fair for everyone. Scoring explained The leaderboards will be the place to follow your nodes' performance and how you compare to other participants. The ranking will be done based on score. Score is accrued individually for each node and is calculated on a daily basis. Each phase will have slightly different scoring methods, as we look to incentivize different behavior. The score at the end of each round is added up towards a final score. The prizes and rewards are given based on the final standings on the leaderboards, at the end of the Battle of Nodes even. Phase 1 Scoring In the Build phase, participants should maintain their node(s) online with the latest client version and do the periodic missions to earn points. Points are given for: Number of Earned Block Rewards Online (minutes) Missions Latest client version Optimal points are calculated based on shard conditions Optimal points represent a score of 10.000 Actual score is Actual Points / Optimal Points * 10.000 We will calculate Optimum (optimal points) per node in the daily context and compare it to the actual points a node has obtained. Optimum per node is a function of: Number of Registered Nodes in the shard Maximum rewards possible The shard’s Hit-Rate Maximum minutes online Latest client version Mission (if available) Optimum = [(Maximum Rewards * Number of Points per Reward * Client Version)* Hit-Rate + Maximum Online + Mission Score] Optimal Score = 1.000 Actual Points = [(Actual Rewards * Number of Points per Reward * Client Version)+ Actual Online + Mission Score] Actual Score = Actual Points / Optimum * 1000 Registered Nodes in shard - at the start of each Phase & Round in Battle of Nodes, the total number of registered nodes is split evenly across the number of shards. Not all nodes will be 100% online during the event, which will mean a reduced Hit-Rate (see below) Maximum rewards - For every mined block a reward is given to all the validators that participated in the consensus. A block is mined every 6 seconds, so maximum 14.400 blocks can be mined per shard per day, meaning maximum 14.400 rewards can be given in a shard. In Round 1 there were 21 validators defined in the Elrond consensus mechanism. Thus, the chance of a node to earn a reward for validating blocks is 21/(Nodes in shard). In Round 2 there were 63 validators defined in the Elrond consensus mechanism. Thus, the chance of a node to earn a reward for validating blocks is 64/(Nodes in shard) Maximum Rewards = Total Rewards per Day (14.400)* (Validators needed for consensus / Registered Nodes in Shard) In a shard with 133 nodes: 14.400 * (21/133) = 2273.684211 -> The number of rewards a node will earn, on average, if all nodes are online Rewards are counted by summing up the number of block reward transactions issued by the protocol. Hit-Rate - Indicates the liveliness of a shard, calculated by dividing the actual number of mined blocks by the total number of blocks possible in a period of time. In ideal conditions, there are 14.400 blocks in a day (86.400 seconds in a day / 6 seconds round time). A hit rate of 1 is ideal. Hit Rate = Mined Blocks / Maximum Number of Blocks Client Version - We encourage all the nodes to have the latest client version, so we may effectively deploy critical patch in short periods of time. 100% of the Number of Actual Rewards will be awarded to nodes with the latest version. A 24 hours grace period after we officially announce a new patch. After that, a 10% penalty is added to the daily amount of rewards until upgraded Client version will have two values: 1 if the client version is up to date - 100% rewards 0.9 if the client version is older than 24 hours since it was announced - 90% rewards Missions - There will be periodical missions that earn extra points. It is not mandatory to do these missions, but they give significant score. The score for each mission will be announced as they are introduced. A mission will be for example sending a transaction with a certain amount of gas or specific data encoded. Missions will be linked by nodes because they will require participants to send certain transactions from the address where staking rewards collected. There will be periodic missions, Scheduled missions, Secret Missions. Mission = 1.000 points (subject to change) Recap: Node Daily Score = {[(Actual Rewards * Number of Points per Reward * Client Version) + Actual Online + Mission Score] / [(Maximum Rewards * Number of Points per Reward * Client Version)* Hit-Rate + Maximum Online + Mission Score] }*1000 Node Round Score = Sum of Node Daily Scores that Round Phase Score = Sum of Round Scores Total Score = Sum of Round Scores Scoring calculation table example: Shard Instance Online Nodes in Shard Optimum rewards Max Online Client Version Mission Hit-Rate Optimum Optimal Score Actual Points (example) Node Daily Score Meta 133 2273.684211 1440 1 1000 1 9261.052632 1000 10211 1102.574449 Shard 0 134 2256.716418 1440 1 1000 1 9210.149254 1000 6211 674.3647501 Shard 1 134 2256.716418 1440 1 1000 1 9210.149254 1000 8722 946.9987684 Shard 2 134 2256.716418 1440 1 1000 1 9210.149254 1000 8977 974.6856161 Shard 3 133 2273.684211 1440 1 1000 1 9261.052632 1000 9115 984.2293703 Shard 4 133 2273.684211 1440 1 1000 1 9261.052632 1000 6873 742.1402591 Example 70 2273.684211 1440 1 1000 0.05 2781.052632 1000 2611 938.8531416 Seconds in a day Round Duration Rewards per Day consensus validators Total PCs Average per Shard 86400 6 14400 21 801 801/6 = 133 See you on the battle field! P.S. Leaderboards teaser
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    If you lose the *.pem files (aka your node's identity) where you found the public keys used to register for the Battle as a Validator, you're dead! At least you chance to get that perfect score is 😅 Make a habit of backing up these files, it's really not that hard. After you have a working node, you'll find them in the config folder that sits next to your node executable. My advice is to pack initialNodesSk.pem and initialBalancesSk.pem into a zip achive, setting up an optional password that you'll not forget, and store it on a different device or on a private file locker like Google Drive. You might need this to revive your original node in case of disaster. Inactive nodes will get pruned from the shard setup when a new Testnet version is released, so your goal should be to have your registered node running 24/7. Good luck!
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    The Elrond code imports a repository created by Cloudflare (bn256) for generating some private/public pairs of keys. Due to a bug in that repository, it wasn't possible until today to run a node on a Raspberry PI. But this evening, thanks to Adrian Dobrita (one of the core developers at Elrond), the bug was discovered. So in order to be able to build and run the node on linux / arm64, it is necessary to make the following modification : check line 63 in file mul_arm64.h and change from "ADDS R25, c3 " to "ADDS R1, c3 " That's all folks ! Enjoy 😉
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    Hi all, A few interesting general resources about Elrond: General https://info.binance.com/en/research/ERD-2019-06-20-d893c3.html https://messari.io/asset/elrond#profile “Elrond Validator Economics Proposal” by Beniamin Mincu https://link.medium.com/kFq41x9On0
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    There's a method to update really fast and smooth your linux node. I will try to explain, keep in mind that this tutorial is useful if you had installed the node from the github repository of scripts elrond-go-scripts. If you don't have the node installed from this repository this code can be wrong. I always make the installation of elrond-go-scripts on my home, be careful with the instructions that imply this folder. 1.- Before we start make a copy of your pems: mkdir ~/backup-pems cp ~/go/src/github.com/ElrondNetwork/elrond-go-node/config/*pem ~/backup-pems 2.- Close your node: If you use screen launch you can do: screen -S nameofyourscreen -X quit 3.- Update your scripts repo: cd ~/elrond-go-scripts/ubuntu-amd64 bash get-github-repo.sh 4.- Update your node from the scripts repo bash update.sh (I guess that you're in the same folder) At this point your elrond-go-node is updated, you need to restore your keys 5.- Restore your registered keys: cp ~/backup-pems/*pem ~/go/src/github.com/ElrondNetwork/elrond-go-node/config 6.- Maybe delete db, logs and stats Only If the testnet update require to cleanup all this stuff then: rm -r ~/go/src/github.com/ElrondNetwork/elrond-go-node/db rm -r ~/go/src/github.com/ElrondNetwork/elrond-go-node/stats rm -r ~/go/src/github.com/ElrondNetwork/elrond-go-node/logs 7.- Start again your node I like to launch it on screen but it's up to you: cd ~/src/github.com/ElrondNetwork/elrond-go-node screen -AmdS testnet ./node (it creates a virtual screen with name testnet and the node running inside) If you want to see the node running screen -r testnet If you want to exit the screen without stop your node Press Ctrl+A and then press D
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    I just finished writing a Medium post on how to run and maintain one or multiple nodes in Ubuntu 18.04. I hope you like it and please send me feedback for improvements! https://medium.com/@haklander/run-and-maintain-one-or-multiple-elrond-nodes-in-ubuntu-18-04-5f5c9658e580
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    For installing/upgrading one or multiple nodes in Ubuntu 18.04, an alternative set of scripts can be found here. It should be self-explanatory (scroll down for instructions), but if there are questions, I'd be happy to answer them! https://github.com/ahakla/elrond-nodes This may be integrated in the official ElrondNetwork 'elrond-go-scripts' repository, but until then you can just use the link above.
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    Hey Renars, we're relying on you guys to come up with all the attack vectors we didn't think of or are possible without us knowing. Start reading 🙂 I personally like this one https://arxiv.org/pdf/1904.03487.pdf - very deep start
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    We all know well that our devs appreciate their community a lot. Let's give them our thanks by giving your best ideas and suggestion on how to improve our community or social platform. Any ideas are welcomed! Here's few to start : Daily mission on community platform. Example, play cryptobubbles once a day to receive 50 points ; post on social media daily for bonus points; Themed submission. To avoid gif submission spam that end up not being used. Submission must serve a certain purpose, for the sake of promoting the project and reach bigger audience. It is sad that most gif made by community are ended up not being used anymore after submitted just for the sake of gaining points. We gotta do better 😜
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    I am very happy to belong this great community. We are going higher everyday.
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    hi. cant say much about me. glad to be in this amazing community and trying to help and learn as much as i can.
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    I am a blogger, community manager and an ambassador. I do organise meetup and support users from novice level to average with illustration that will suite their needs. I do list reputable projects on my blog at https://bountyairdroptoken.com , infact that is how I discovered this project since March 2009 and I have not look back. Let's come together and bring Elrond to the global audience.
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    Greetings. An Elrond fan from Lithuania. I am a motion designer in training. Blockchain enthusiast. I help out by creating different style of content for Elrond.
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    Welcome Sever from the internet! Great to have you with us 🙏
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    Hello everyone, I'm Randy Aranta Lika and I'm from Indonesia. I'm older than how I look. Bachelor of Science majoring in Bioinformatics, master dropout due to series of unfortunate events. I had some experience on graphic design, web design, machine learning & big data analysis back in my pre-postgradute dropout days. Since then I went to make Android apps, virtual tour website, graphic designing, and video editing on my own. Now I do all this part time. I also like cooking so I ran a food stall full time around 2 years ago, but on the way doing it I realise I only enjoy cooking for people I love so I stop doing it 😄 I came from a Taoist leader family so I know alot about chinese philosophy. I'm also curious about other philosophy all around the world and ended up becoming a Nietzsche fan. Somehow I ended up to be an optimistic nihilist but I'm forcing the optimistic part. I'm quite a deep thinker so I can't help not to depress myself all the time 😂 I also learn about metaphysics and fortune telling due to my family background, and on the way, I also learn deeper about human psychology. I use these skill to do a private consultation, psychology reading, and fortune telling to help people in need using Instagram with my girlfriend 😄 I like the internet culture. I like how it can break the boundaries between human and pushes forward to innovate human's life. I've only been a Blockchain enthusiast for about 6 months. I love Elrond as a project, what it is trying to do, and the direction the project takes. IMO Elrond has what it takes to be a top leading blockchain protocol and is supposed to be used all around the world. However, a great project needs a great support in order to be adapted by the masses. If you are already invested in Elrond just like I did, let us all work together to help Elrond Network to achieve success together 😁
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    TO DO: write something about me I run nodes, talk about nodes, help you set up nodes. I'm a developer. See you around 😜
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    Hey guys. I am Beniamin, Founder & CEO of Elrond. I spend most of my time thinking about the long term vision of Elrond, setting near-term milestones, overcommunicating them internally and externally, bringing the brightest minds I know together in the Elrond team, and pushing hard along our team on all fronts to advance in the right direction at high speed. I've been in the bloclchain space since 2013, joined the NEM Core team in 2014, and later invested in more than 30 blockchain startups. However, the last two years have been undoubtedly the most challenging and gratifying years of my life. Roughly around this time two years ago, together with my brother, we set out to solve what we thought were the most pressing problems in the space, and bring a 3 orders of magnitude improvement in blockchain scalability, speed, cost and user experience. It was obvious to us at that point that such an improvement would have an enormous impact on the space, and could in fact be comparable to the Internet transition from dialup to broadband. So after ~2 months of private discussions, we gathered some of our smartest technical friends together for a first meeting about this new project. The rest, as they say, is history. 😁 In Elrond we've built a team with which we can literally build rockets, a feat clearly visible in the speed and resourcefulness with which we deconstruct, tackle and overcome obstacles. We're still early in this game, and you'll probably see several other products coming from the Elrond team in an effort to achieve our core ambition: bring a 1000x improvement in blockchain speed, scale, cost and user experience - to give anyone, anywhere easy access to the digital economy. P.S. I'm very excited to finally see the forum come alive. Through it we'll hopefully discover great people from our community, engage in thoughtful dialogue on various Elrond topics, and strengthen our ecosystem. See you around!
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    I made this guide guys on how you will update your node .. https://medium.com/@jeff.penaflor1983/tutorial-on-how-to-update-your-elrond-node-on-the-latest-version-windows-version-c13deac00b0?sk=6c0f8763bea4a3774f8ba27baeac43d1
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    If you're already in Round 1 and don't want to add more nodes, you don't have to submit this form!
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    Awesome! I've started making a living as a validator:
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    Contabo is by far the cheapest option, 9 euro per month for 6 cores, 16GB RAM, 400GB SSD, 400 Mbit/s port (unlimited traffic). I run 3 instances on it and the proposed block rate is not 100% successful. Those pushing the limits of their hardware will suffer! My advice is to make adjustments for the next waves and ditch the nodes you cannot run at decent performance. As more of us will migrate to Contabo, we'll be at the mercy of Contabo, they might not like our activity and they might impose limits, I hope it doesn't happen though. Most other similarly priced VPSs have a storage problem, max 50gb or so. If the activity is intense, the database will grow quite easily, take care of this aspect. It's not in anyone's interest to have dead nodes as the shard might get frozen without 2/3 active nodes. So keep your enemies close 🙂
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    Hi! My first 2 nodes ever, so I decided to test 2 options, both from contabo.com 1. Win server, CPU 2 cores, RAM 4 GB, Disk 300 GB (HDD), 100 Mbit/s port, UNLIMITED Traffic - 10€ / month (4€ normal cost for technical specs, 6€ for windows server OS) 2. Linux (ubuntu) server, CPU 4 cores, RAM 8 GB, Disk 200 GB (SSD), 200 Mbit/s port, UNLIMITED Traffic - 5€ / month With team help, I managed to set up the ubuntu node, so definitely ubuntu is cheaper (no additional cost with Windows OS).
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    Week #40 | Monday, September 30 – Sunday, October 6, 2019 1. Preparations for the Battle of Nodes (improvements, bugfixes, benchmarks, tests) 2. Initial implementation of a System VM and smart contract for validator staking, that will allow nodes to join the network real-time, through a fast protocol built-in mechanism 3. VS Code extensions can handle WASM smart contracts written in C and Rust. Work in progress to enable debugging of such code in the IDE 4. First flood attack on our testnet v1.0.19 made us tweak the libp2p's parameters and craft additional anti-flooding capabilities 5. Fixed the arm64 build so we can now run validators on raspberry pi4 6. Refactoring of shard processor in order to remove duplicate code and group all arguments in a single structure 7. Snapshot of the trie for saving the current state of the trie in a separate database. 8. Compaction of miniblocks to allow us to add more transactions in a block and decrease the data that needs to be propagated to metachain. Throttled mini blocks creation to a defined maximum value, to avoid bottlenecks with blocks with a too higher number of miniblocks 9. Added a local cache of meta blocks, used for processing current shard block, to avoid situation when a full pool of meta blocks (happening especially when a node is bootstrapping), would generate situation when needed meta blocks are in fact evicted from pool 10. Validator's uptime statistic improvements for the Battle of Nodes 11. Added more data in Elastic Search related to consensus group, will be visible in the testnet explorer 12. Economics rewards metrics for termui. Soon an estimation of how many ERDs you can earn 13. Fixed bug that caused in some situations the block to be rejected due to missing reward transactions 14. Fixed a bug after merging with the economics part which didn't allow the node to start 15. Further bugfixes and improvements
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    Here is one with Battle of Nodes. Maybe someone can make some with Elrond?
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    The setup guide is available here: https://docs.elrond.com/start-a-validator-node/start-the-network If you are running under Windows or Linux, you might want to try our scripts: https://github.com/ElrondNetwork/elrond-go-scripts
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    I think everyone should know, Sever Moldovean is one of the reason this forum can exist. He designed and created the forum. Salute to you man!
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    Hi guys , I dare you to take a selfie wilth elrond and put the hashtag #selfieElrond Here's mine
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    Hi! I followed Fast Install & Update Elrond Nodes” by Jose F. Aznar. No problem!
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    I emoted a sad thingie to your post, @Danny Serb. Will change to smiley if you upload a profile pic!
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    Hi guys, made a video for easy node installation in 5 minutes for Ubuntu users. It's also in my Medium post. Good luck!
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    I think that it can be good idea to put some media resources in elrond webpage. To make easy to the community to have the logo, some staff fotos, headquarters, fonts, and so on. It's really useful for content creators to have one official media set. Usually it goes in the footer of the main website. On this way if for example "ccn.com" wants to write a new about elrond network, they can go to get official media images.
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    yes, of course! This should have been copy-pasted from docs.elrond.com. Good catch, will fix!
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    Level 2, discover the possibilities:
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    Nice catch, it should be https://t.me/ElrondValidators
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    The Telegram link to BattleofNodes mentioned in this article seems to be broken 😞 https://t.me/BattleOfNodes
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    I think the minimum ERD needed for staking will be adjusted over time, therefore there's no limit to maximum nodes number. The network can scale infinitely and there's no limitation on device due to parallel processing and sharding. Even Bitcoin lightning is only ran by 10K nodes for now. First year is crucial. If we can get >3000 nodes, rewards will be less than 90%. More decentralized. In the few early years market might get monopolized by several people with high staking reward.
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    Just registered and Whitelisted my account on https://www.westart.co/project/elrond-battle-of-nodes
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    Here we go. A meme about Elrond transaction speed!
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    stay updated mate by following their social media channels and also by joining on their telegram group.
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    Good day everyone! I wrote an article about the recent flash campaign for social mining of Elrond. Please check this out for I realized lots of things from it - from the game plays, how supportive the community is, and on what is the goal of Elrond on it. This is the link: https://medium.com/@gailecanedo01/recent-cryptobubbles-flash-campaign-my-realizations-d066800c8539
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    Interesting thread Alwin. I will post here one of the best videos that I know. The interview of Brad Laurie to Beniamin Mincu
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    Hi all, elrond is my first validator experience currently, it's the first time that I trust in a project to involve me, since now I was only investing on blockchain projects (near 3 years)
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