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  2. Hello, I followed the transaction of erd10nt2027t8ldglgtz3j7lz3pxlck39u90a55p3jchdfet730jt6es03pzlc then the EGLDs are transferred to the following address: erd16x7le8dpkjsafgwjx0ezzees5kw94evsqw0839LDD99 is located on EGLD695kw94evsqw0839.99 $ 69.99 is $ 69.99 eILL6942 By searching on google we find a post on a BUG with the address erd16x7le8dpkjsafgwjx0e5kw94evsqw039rwp42m2j9eesd88x8zzs75tzry https://github.com/ElrondNetwork/elrond-go/issues/2560 Thank you for your help Attached is the photo from my wallet to the account erd16x7le8dpkjsafgwjx0e5kw94evsqw039rwp42m2j9
  3. Hello, I followed the transaction of erd10nt2027t8ldglgtz3j7lz3pxlck39u90a55p3jchdfet730jt6es03pzlc then the EGLDs are transferred to the following address: erd16x7le8dpkjsafgwjx0ezzees5kw94evsqw039rwt42x By searching on google we find a post on a BUG with the address erd16x7le8dpkjsafgwjx0e5kw94evsqw039rwp42m2j9eesd88x8zzs75tzry https://github.com/ElrondNetwork/elrond-go/issues/2560 Thank you for your help
  4. All listed wallet addresses are under your control, you can use any of those with ledger Without ledger, the web wallet currently only displays the wallet associated with first address. All wallets keys (private and public) that give you control over the wallets can be generated again from the same 24 words secret phrase.
  5. The end result of getting fees out of own rewards equals with not getting fees out of own rewards. SP gets the same amount (rewards +fees) either case.
  6. Problem solved Thanks
  7. Zorin

    Unstake problem

    Problem solved Thanks
  8. Hi I Have the same issue. Unstaked Mai 4, now, after 13 days my funds are still frozen. It shows up in the total, but not as available funds. I click withdraw button but it give me a transaction error Does anyone know what the hell is happening here?
  9. Zorin

    Unstake problem

    There is « withdraw » button and when I click on it I got a transaction error I have started the unstaking 4 may tks
  10. There’s a finalize unstaking button. Is that what you clicked?
  11. Yesterday
  12. So, I am following up here. So I'm gonna ask the kindergarten level questions here. What happens if I pick any one of these addresses?
  13. 10 days unbonding is too long. 5-7 will be more reasonable..
  14. I had a question on one of the calculations in the staking spreadsheet (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rpQhwaKy3GGcpA3zyv-ouEtL5P-MYjfTh1pwN2UBZes) Fee Income/year = node# x (base% x baseStake + topup% x topupStake) x fee% Does SP really get a fee off their own base stake? This seems like double dipping. I would think the SP gets only rewards (base% x baseStake) from base since it is their own stake. That is, fees are subtracted from rewards and diverted to SP. If SP has own stake, he just gets rewards without fee.
  15. Last week
  16. They are not skipping queue. These are existing active validators who have already waited. The changes here will allow them to merge into a pool so that they can accept delegations. As is currently, a solo validator cannot accept delegations without unstaking and going back to end of queue. New investors have slim to no chance of running a node since the 3200 limit has been reached. However, narrowing the APR gap between top-up and base makes it so that it is pretty good APR just delegating in Maiar and will allow more community members to delegate making the network more decentralized.
  17. Hello i have unstaked some Egld more than 10 days ago but I cannot withdraw them. when I click « withdraw » button I have a transaction error. same when I want to claim rewards on an active staking. someone has this problem too ? Or can help ? Thanks
  18. please switch between validator without 10 days unbounding
  19. Hi guys maybe I miss understood something but this seems to me the opposite of accelerating decentralization. I had in mind to create a new validator, Me and my friends have the required 2500 egld, currently staked in legacy or staking providers. If I unstack my tokens and create a new validator I will be in waiting list and will not have any rewards, but any existing staking pool can create new validator and white list himself and skip the queue? Does any new investors have any chance to run a node? Did I missed something?
  20. All of these are great changes, but I would like to also suggest improving switching from a staking provider to another as a regular user. Right now if you are not happy with the current provider you have to unstake, wait 10 days without receiving any rewards and then stake again. It would be great if there was a switch button similar with claiming rewards that would make switching providers easier. Not sure how feasible it is from a technical point of view, but I think it will help the community while keeping more egld staked. Many people could unstake, change their mind and go
  21. Hello. Have iOS 14.5.1, iPhone 11 pro and today updated maiar to 1.2.1. After update , when i launch app, it just showing “welcome” blue screen with maiar logo and after 15-20 secs app quit spontaneously. Where is the problem?
  22. if you go and read the first proposal for staking phase 3 and the appendix formulas you will see that there are different factors influencing a staking pool APR 1. Amount staked in the network 2. The staking pool registered active nodes 3. Number of produced blocks the staking pool active nodes participate in consensus for (cannot be approximated beforehand so it is assumed 100% success rate) 4. The staking pool queued nodes (not earning any rewards) 5. Topup stake for the staking pool = total stake in pool divided by all SP nodes (active and queued) multiplied by the
  23. the APR varies depending on how much is staked in the network. The 24.4% APR was for the situation where we have 8 mil egld staked (so 3200 staked nodes each with 2500, no topup) With the current level of stake in the network (~10.6 mil egld stake eligible for rewards) it should be ~21% APR for base stake.
  24. Computed APR at staking providers varies significantly: highest is 21.4% and lowest 8.05%. https://explorer.elrond.com/providers What is causing these variances? And will they disappear with the proposals from today?
  25. According to this article from March 18. 2021 staking rewards for a single node should be 24.4% https://elrond.com/blog/elrond-staking-phase-3-upgrade-details-and-timelines/ In todays article is stated that 1st proposed change is to lower APR for a single node from 21% to 20%. Decrease from 24.4% to 20% is quite large. Can you please explain why you state current APR is 21% instead of 24.4% for a node with 2.500 egld?
  26. Hey Zodre, we understand what you mean! The calculation for how much eGold needs to be staked for a node comes from the eGold tokenomics, the number of shards and number of nodes required to secure it. For the record, it was something like $5000 when people locked in their tokens for the first nodes. Don't worry about running a full node, simply delegating your EGLD will help secure the network proportional to your stake, and will earn you rewards. Most of the nodes on the network are running on stake that is pieced together from "smaller" delegators.
  27. I ve tried to transfer 51.405695 Elrond from binance chain wallet 0x6cF6EF1aCB14ef7256EE09936b539E81D4e24E7c to my elrond wallet erd1rxg2w0p4t56qh6tymu7zpwau6sluesjqpsrzh8yf5h252p6afuns5vhfrz via bridge elrond https://bridge.elrond.com/egld/status/3517348717bd6566a8ec6e9d9ee5dc6103bcacac1525a294070c55685b465f3c . they are in 0x40b3c08c10c6cd439735be643be0ee3602447e18 bnb ( my mistake ) . could you help me to finalise the transfer / recover? Transaction Hash: 0xfdf14033f92b871db0bcd1efce0ea96f8d0b485376c1fc8a40a8fc797ffd534f from: 0x6cf6ef1acb14ef7256ee09936b539e81d4e24e7c Interacted
  28. Hello, Regarding the questions: 1 Yes 2 Yes, I accessed the staking by the supplier site from MAIAR BROWSER, on the site the only step that I validated is clicking on the WALLET tab several times. This action was not followed up. Subsequently I understood that a transaction had indeed taken place by looking at my history. 3 I have never had the opportunity to confirm a transaction or address. The address erd10nt2027t8ldglgtz3j7lz3pxlck39u90a55p3jchdfet730jt6es03pzlc not be my binance.com address Thank you for your attention to my problem.
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