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  2. the question is still valid: how can one connect the Elrond web wallet with the app Maiar one? I tried to scan the QR code with the app, but nothing happens.
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  4. +1 from me. I think it’ll be easier for devs to communicate. Will also allow the use of announcements, channels for specific topics, etc.
  5. I agree that Telegram is not suitable for info sharing related to development. I see the following drawbacks: no tags to categorize the question no "reply in thread" option duplicated content some vague answers bad formatted content (hard to read) also caused by the lack of indentation interleaved threads (Q1 - Q2 - A1 - Q3 - A2 - Q4) The developers need more structured support from the team and a better way to share info between them. For a better adoption in the developers community, I suggest the following: technical presen
  6. Discord is a good place to chat. But I think ultimately a living Cookbook of solutions to common problems should be built to prevent repeat questions/shorten replies. Oreilly Perl Cookbook Style is good
  7. Hello, We would like to create a dedicated forum / discord / slack / MsTeams (TBD) in order to gather community support easier. It will help a lot. This post is to gather awareness and to see if we are sufficient people interested in this. +1 if interested
  8. A very good resume Dirk of the potential of Elrond / Maiar. I agree that emerging markets can ' leap frog' this new aplications. Still there needs to be an entry point for fiat to be deposited. This has to be available and reliable too. Also to be able to get the cooperation of governments do you need to tax the transactions. They will not accept a parallel money system without taxation. That can be done automatically. Crypto Luctor Thomas
  9. Executive summary: In below thesis you will read about my firm belief that true adoption of DeFi is likely to start in emerging and frontier markets, as such I define a call for action to kickstart the adoption of Maiar app in these markets to increase financial inclusion and improves peoples lives. Introduction: Emerging market characterise itself by one or more of the following unstable environments: · High inflationary local currency, · Low institutional and political trust, · High remittances into the country, · Low securit
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  11. Hi, Actual scenario: Last week, i tried to unstake my egld and found that, i have to wait for 10 days before receiving on my wallet. But, suddenly i felt to restake, but dont found option to stake again during these 10 days waiting time. I feel the option to re-stake during waiting period doesnt cause any problem. I feel this feature is useful. please consider. Thanks, Molly
  12. Hi, I am quite new to this community and crypto in general. I always saw two main problems of the first generation of blockchains and cryptocurrencies: 1) environmental harm 2) enabling ransomware and other illicit usages. Elrond solves point 1 very well. However, I wonder if it can prevent point 2? Does anybody here even perceive it as a problem or is illicit usage of crypto being accepted as a side-effect of anonymity? I wonder if some governance, like constant monitoring and banning access for unregulated exchanges could help here. Any thoughts or plans in this
  13. If your funds were in legacy delegation: If you had your funds with a staking provider:
  14. where exactly is this button? i can't seem to find it. would you be able to post a screenshot. I've been waiting 10 days 3hours now since I unstaked.
  15. I know it is a little confusing, here is the easy way to get Smart Chain https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGSg8Gyp1HU
  16. Hi! why I can not initiate withdrawal from waiting list delegation legacy? When I try to send I got message like insuficient funds in gas limit field(250000000)...!?? Thank you for help!
  17. Hi Adrian, yes, I had enough egld for the transaction fee. I finally managed to validate the transaction today. I don't know if that's related to Ledger's WebUSB transport issue in Chrome 91, but it worked on Firefox. Thanks for your answer Best
  18. Hi all, I converted a validator into staking provider in TestNet phase 3.5, but now I cannot managed my node from the wallet. Do I need to install a Delegation Manager? Is it possible to manage through erdpy?

    NFT issues

    hi , i start to test some features of elrond , but i got issue for create nft from elrond dev, i get error with "SET NFT ROLE" https://devnet-explorer.elrond.com/transactions/dc42a71d4d6d6e6606353c5600d44048c49f03db24155f7e99209d1cf48f0894 thanks for your help
  20. Do you have enough egld in your account for the transaction fee? Otherwise this might be the issue.
  21. puteti sa stegeti linistiti cererea de ajutor anterioara,ma gandeam ca o sa fie mai cu folos decat cererea de ajutor facuta de 2 luni catre elrond help si contact@elrond.com ...
  22. Hi, on the staking dashboard on the web wallet, I unstaked 10 days ago and now I have a pending withdrawal. When I click on "Finalize Withdrawal", it asks me to validate the transaction on my ledger. However, when I click on "confirm", nothing happens on the ledger, there is no transaction to sign. The Elrond ledger app is open, and after 30 sec. the button "Check your Ledger" changes back to "confirm" (screenshot of where it get stuck here -> https://pasteboard.co/K3WUZFk.png) Any ideas? Is it possible to see logs somewhere in the web wallet ? Help much appreciated!
  23. thank you Adrian, I was able to claim my rewards.
  24. I suspect you have the EGLD(BEP20) on the binance smart chain (BSC), as pancakeswap is deployed as far as I know on BSC only. (can you confirm this?) If the above is true you can use the binance bridge to transfer from your binance smart chain wallet (probably you have metamask configured for binance smart chain) to elrond wallet: https://www.binance.org/en/bridge On the binance bridge, for the "Asset" you need to select EGLD, then below you will see From "EGLD Network" To "Binance Smart Chain Network" and an arrow between them. Click on the arrow so that it becomes From "Binance Sm
  25. The amount 0 refers to the amount you send to the Delegation Smart Contract. For the "claim rewards" transaction this amount = 0 is correct. You don't need to send funds from your wallet to the Smart Contract, you just want to call the "claim rewards" function, which will return the rewards from the Smart Contract to your wallet. For the claim rewards, the returning of the funds is in a smart contract result (which you see if you expand the claim rewards transaction after it is finalized). You can also check your account balance before issuing the claim rewards transaction,
  26. Hi, I used to receive automatic rewards via legacy delegation to my ledger wallet. This stopped occurring since March 23, 2021. When I try to claim my rewards, the confirm request window shows 0 EGLD, however my claimable is 1.3992 EGLD. Any ideas? Help much appreciated!
  27. It's your choice which wallet to use, all are yours. By default if you used the same seed phrase with maiar or web wallet, the used account was the first one. So you can select the first one if you need to access the same wallet. Whenever you need an additional wallet you can use the next one in the list and so on.
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