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  3. Hi Niko, Could you please go to help.elrond.com and you will find on the bottom right corner a button to chat with us. Please send us a message there and also provide your erd1... address so we can check.
  4. Hi, I am delegating some EGLD since about last year and haven't checked it in a while. Today when I was looking at the rewards, I have noticed that the last transaction happened on April 12th. Is there something wrong, something I should have done or maybe I've missed? Aslo, when trying to claim the rewards I get a big fat 0 in the end. Sorry if this is not the right group for this, mods feel free to delete. Cheers
  5. Can you give some details about the phone model, iOS version and maiar version?
  6. KYC rules apply, so there are some countries that can not participate (e.g US)
  7. I got the same error today, don't know how to resolve, can some please help.
  8. Hi I have a similar issue but I think there is no resolve. I have egld staked on both the Maiar App, and Elrond Web wallet, is there any way I can merge the two without having to remove the stake ? I'd prefer to merge both into the maiar app but wouldn't be opposed to the web wallet. Would just like the money in one place especially for when it comes to restaking my rewards.
  9. Hello. Will the battle of yields be opened to everyone? Thanks.
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  11. Hi Nicolas, The project is not dead, there are constant improvements being made. If you follow us on twitter there are updates there each week with the improvements made. You can see the amount of MEX you can claim after maiar exchange is released by inserting your wallet address here: https://maiar.exchange/
  12. The article looks like a promoting article for radix, so it should be viewed from that perspective. In regards to the numbers mentioned in the article for radix, I don't see in the article which kind of setup they ran, in order to make a comparison with elrond capabilities. Elrond has reached 263k TPS in a real world scenario, where the nodes forming the network were ran together with the community, with a good geographical dispersion, 50 shards, low end machines (some used the cheapest contabo machines, others used personal laptops, etc). The elrond binary used in this benchmark was the one we were testing in preparation for the mainnet launch, so all verifications (signatures, hashes, state, etc) were in place, with real operations and most transactions being cross shard. In the same real world scenario if we would have increased the number of shards to 200, elrond would have also gone above 1 million TPS, more so with the latest protocol improvements. Regarding the concern about breaking atomic composability, there are different models that enable defi applications to work well with the elrond asynchronous execution model. In addition to this, we have done an in depth analysis that ended with an internal proposal that would also enable atomic composability for smart contracts in Elrond that would also fit with the current architecture. This would allow smart contracts to specify the need to be executed atomically and the protocol would be able to ensure the execution of the Smart Contract calls as if all smart contracts "touched" by one call were in the same shard. In regards to the atomic composability for smart contracts in radix, I have read the paper and am assuming they do not have this working currently with nodes that are holding different subsets of shards. There are many limitations and drawbacks with their proposal that would only become visible in this scenario (which is actually the scenario where their sharding would start working, otherwise it is like running a single chain and no sharding).
  13. there is a fee for every transaction. "Claim rewards" also generates a transaction. The "missing" ~0.0004 EGLD should be the fee for the claim rewards
  14. Hi Nathanz, Are you by any chance trying this on an IPad? Could you try this on a different device? (laptop)
  15. Id appreciate if someone could comment on a post made which raised concerns over this critical use case: "The composability to combine multiple functions from multiple dApps is vital for DeFi services. Just like the other proposed sharding solutions for scalability, however, Elrond’s approach breaks atomic composability across shards and its meta chain is a bottleneck for cross-shard communication. As a result, Elrond cross-shard transactions will not be quicker than a single blockchain, limiting DeFi use and suitability for mass adoption." FYI, link to full article is below: https://hackernoon.com/protocol-alternatives-that-challenge-ethereum-wl8731g1
  16. I had sent bitcoin to an eth address, after several months of trying to reverse this, was finally able to get help from easybinarysolutions via gmail
  17. Hi Elrond Team, I am unable to claim my rewards from the delegation (legacy) section, and i do have enough elrond to pay for the gas fee. Appreciate kind help. with thanks, Nathan
  18. Hi, I wonder if there is an up-to-date brief demo somewhere on using erdpy and Rust without Elrond VS Code IDE to write a simple smart contract but using my account/wallet on the testnet, like my own .pem, etc. I've tried to use docs and even VS Code IDE, but I had some problems. Maybe there is too much for someone who wants to understand the basics, like erdpy possibilities, how the Rust project should look. This is best to learn on a very simple smart contract without ready to use templates (even the simplest ones). What I would love is a video introduction where someone could show: how to install Rust dependencies and erdpy (I know, it is in docs, but a still good start) how to scaffold the Rust project how to write a simple, smart contract which will receive the egld and do some simple operation, for example, will send this egld to smart contracts owner wallet or something like that how to build, test and deploy such SC using erdpy (testnet) how to interact with it (what owner can do and how and what other users can do and how) how to interact with it using SDKs like JS SDK, for example I would love to do such a video by myself, but first, I need to understand the entire ecosystem better ;) I think the docs regarding smart contracts, maybe templates for them or something else, might be not up to date? I am not sure, but I had some errors during the instructions from the docs and videos about VS Code IDE.
  19. It looks like there are no news since april/may about the Maiar Exchange, is the project dead? The claimable "MEX" haven't existed yet, have they? best regards Nicolas
  20. Hello, I have staked 9 EGLD. I my wallet i was having 9.8892. After claiming the reward it goes to 9.8888. What is happening? What's the problem here?
  21. Hello, I have my Elrond Wallet set up with my Ledger. I have no problems connecting my wallet and staking my EGLD. However, when I try to claim my rewards, after clicking 'claim', I then have the 'check your ledger message' but nothing appears on my ledger to sign the transaction. I tried rebooting my ledger, making software updates and triple checked that contract data is enabled. Same with Chrome and I've also put more EGLD in my wallet just incase it wasn't enough but with no luck. I'm now out of ideas and would appreciate your help. Thank you in advance.
  22. Hi, i have the same problem, i cant connect my elrond wallet to maiar wallet with wallet connect. Its loading is endless I have the last maiar version on IOS
  23. Having the same Maiar wallet on 2 different phone numbers is not supported at this time. But if you leave your secret phrase to your loved ones, they can log on to the web wallet and transfer the funds to another wallet (their new Maiar wallet).
  24. Just tried it earlier and it worked Can you update the maiar app and try again? Let me know if there is still an issue.
  25. This definitely works also and the fees on crypto.com are small...plus the whole $25 thing 🙂 if you use my referral Use my referral link https://crypto.com/app/bac4u8hpuj to sign up for Crypto.com and we both get $25 USD 🙂
  26. One option is to buy Elrond at www.crypto.com & send to Mair Use my referral link https://crypto.com/app/bac4u8hpuj to sign up for Crypto.com and we both get $25 USD 🙂 Sorry...I had to, if not for this question, then never 🙂 Jomes aside, it's quick and easy...& the fee at Crypto.com is very small.
  27. One option is to purchase ELG from www.crypto.com exchange & then send to Mair wallet. And of course if you'd like to do it that way, you can use my referral link https://crypto.com/app/bac4u8hpuj and we both get $25 USD :) Im looking forward to seeing how the whole Elrond/Mair ecosystem develops, I feel itfeel extremely sound project. Regards,
  28. I’ve been testing the Blockfolio app over the last few weeks and yesterday I managed to add funds trough Blockfolio on iOS, buy Bitcoin and transfer it to Maiar. It went smoothly and both apps have a very straight forward UI. If it were to withdraw Bitcoin, I would reverse the process. Unfortunately Blockfolio doesn’t offer the option to purchase EGLD for now, but this two steps process might be a temporary option.
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