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  2. Thank you! ⚡️
  3. I must say, I've been happy with PalmTreeNetwork for staking, seem the advertised staking rewards for most validators are higher than what you actually get. At least with palm tree ive been getting 16%, with the other I've staked with its been 8-10% and thats with a lower fee. I guess they wont have a better APY until they are able to acquire some more nodes, wish I would have known this in the beginning, may have chosen differently. I plan to stay staked with these other providers until the initial weeks of MEX distribution are over then, I'll look for a different validator.
  4. There was a problem with parsing the snapshot, which is why some delegated amounts were not considered, but this should be soon fixed.
  5. There was an error on my rewards for week 2 says I have 0 egld staked now for some reason. Is there a glitch from using Maiar and using web wallet? Shows only available. Will always appreciate you guys thanks.
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  7. Bonjour, Le 03 mai 2021 J'ai effectue du staking de mes 10.30051 EGLD à partir de mon tableau du portefeuille web Il n'a apparaisse plus dans mon portefeuille. https://explorer.elrond.com/transactions/a5cfec079a3b35e7781d866feca000bbacc79465cf702038719173050250e60f J'apprécierais de l'aide. Merci
  8. Ok I see, for anyone else: step four: open the elrond app on your ledger device and change contract data to yes or enable.
  9. Can anyone please help? I can't figure out step four, if someone could explain what they did that would be great, thank you.
  10. Thanks for the reply. I found the 24 words so I'm all set.
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  12. When you created your web wallet you were required to save the 24 words somewhere safe (written down on paper etc.) and in the next step the wallet creation wizard requested you to input 3 randomly selected words from your secret phrase, to make sure you did save those somewhere. The 24 words secret phrase is very important for wallet recovery, so if you cannot find those I would consider creating a new wallet, transferring the funds there and this time taking care not to lose the words, as this might mean losing access to the funds in the wallet. No one can help you gain access to
  13. Kini

    Staking in Maiar?

    I'm in the same situation. I access my web wallet with keystore file and a password. It didn't require a 24 word recovery phase so how can I link it with the maiar wallet? Thanks.
  14. Hi, I have the same problem. I currently have the elrond web wallet that I can access with a keystore file and a password. I downloaded the Maiar wallet but can't link it to my web wallet. The Maiar app is asking for the 24 word secret phrase but I don't have this. So, is the solution to create a new Maiar wallet and send egld from my web wallet to Maiar? Thanks.
  15. Hi, When selecting a Staking provider, the APR is also important, as it shows the estimation of your earnings per year if you stake with that specific staking provider. One thing to note is that the APR(annual percentage return) is dynamic and can change depending on the network staked amount and also the amount of topup accepted by the staking provider, or any change in the staking pool rewards fee. The APR displayed for HAMAtek is 0, so you don't earn anything right now. This is because currently HAMAtek does not have any active nodes in the network, there are some queued
  16. Hi, I staked my ERD to HAMAtek on 14/04/21 but am still not receiving any rewards even though its almost 3 weeks now. Would it be best to unstake and choose another pool? I used to receive weekly payments every Monday when it was previously delegated to Elrond... Thanks
  17. ...but I'm getting error codes. This is what I'm trying to do: ...and I'm getting error codes like this... Guidance please? If I could get an ASAP walk-through I'd be happy to pay someone well for their time. Could you contact me through Telegram if possible, 778.837.6892? Many thanks, Friends!
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  19. "If you are not happy with a SP you can always undelegate your funds and delegate to a different Staking Provider. " If I had, say, 2000 EGLD, the 10 days without rewards (and...I don't know, without MEX, too ?) would make it quite difficult to consider changing the SP too often ("always" ), even when I had serious reasons.
  20. After the unbonding period (10 days), you can finalize the withdraw (there should be a button for that), any time afterwards, and the funds will be moved to your available funds immediately (in seconds).
  21. The APR is shown in Maiar as well and this includes the fees, so what extra information would you require directly in Maiar? The APR is dynamic, as it depends on multiple parameters like what is the total stake in the network, what amount is top-up, etc. Joining the telegram channel would be relevant if changes happened to the SP and you want to know the reason, or you want to know what are the future plans and targets of the SP (they might want to acquire a certain level of topup stake, which will lead to a different targeted APR) and there might be also other incentives besides the APR
  22. Have the same issue. Unstaked April 17th, now, after 11 days my funds are still frozen. It shows up in the total, but not as available funds. Does anyone know what the hell is happening here?
  23. It wouldn't be fairer to have complete infos in Maiar or web Elrond Wallet, so we can decide without too many researches what staking provider fits our criteria ? As it looks now, to choose a staking provider looks like a lottery...May be it is the way it is, but, so far, you do'nt spend too much effort to warning us about this. I think it's not fair.
  24. Yes the staking providers can change their fees. This is why it is important to join the telegram channels of the staking providers you staked with to get informed on the changes or have a fast way to ask your questions. The displayed APR is what you should look at, as that one is what you get after the fees are deducted. Fees can vary anywhere between 0% and 100%, but only if the APR shows 0 then you won't earn any eGLD from rewards. You cannot have negative rewards, so your delegated amount cannot decrease. There is a difference in APR between providers (even if they have the
  25. PancakeSwap completely took over the "Food" category DEXes and comparatively it is far superior over Uniswap! The secret behind it, pancakeswap is one of the biggest Automated Market Maker deployed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. This DEX platform introduces a new gamification feature, "WIN-WIN" feature to win an NFT. The holder can also swap the NFT-based collectible for CAKE tokens. From the recent study, the accelerated growth of PancakeSwap DEX platform emerged a skyrocketing growth on starting a food-themed DEX platform similar to PancakeSwap. No experience in
  26. If you want to transfer to Elrond Wallet (accessible from Maiar or the elrond web wallet) then you would have to send your BEP20 EGLD to your Elrond Mainnet account. You can use for that the binance bridge https://www.binance.org/en/bridge You will have to transfer EGLD from your Binance Smart Chain account to your EGLD Network account.
  27. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think that staking providers can change their fees after you staked. I was at 3% with rosettastone who have now changed to 10%. Looking at some staking options they are charging more % in fees than are offering in APR.
  28. I have some Elrond (EGLD) in BEP20 format in Trust Wallet that I'm trying to transfer to the Elrond Wallet. Every time I try to use the Elrond wallet address, it tells me "invalid address". I also tried sending it to my Binance and it tells me the same thing. I thought BEP20 was the correct format, but if not, then what is?
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