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  2. Miu

    Phase 3 staking

    Hello Marius, Thanks for info. So delegation will continue from the wallet and maybe Maiar but with no rewards. To receive rewards you must delegate through smart contracts.
  3. Hi, please find all the details related to phase 3 here [1]. Read also the comments, are very useful. Both delegation and validator list will remain up and running for tech purpose, but will not be any longer incentivized. The delegation mechanism will remain in place - if you're in the delegation waiting list you have chances to be swiped out to the active delegation (is someone exits) or you can delegate to a SP (Staking Provider) agency. Best regards, Marius [1]
  4. Miu

    Phase 3 staking

    Hello world. Phase 3 Staking is close. What will happen with delegation waiting list? A part of it will directly enter in activ delegation? If yes, will be interesting to find out how much.
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  7. So when staking phase 3 is released, will there be a waiting list to become an active validator via SP's?
  8. mascalucian


    Salut, ma numesc Lucian si am aflat recent de Elrond. M-am uitat peste toate informatiile date aici si am decis sa incep sa investesc incet incet eGLD, putin cate putin. Aplicatia mobila si modul foarte curat de prezentare a datelor m-au convins. Hai sa mergem tot mai sus!
  9. Hi, I am not following the second part of step 4. You say from Ledger go to Elrond app. How do I go to Elrond app?
  10. Hi, Please use next steps: 1 Install ledger live on Desktop 2 connect Ledger at desktop and to ledger live app (desktop) 3 from ledger live make update at the firmware, then install the egld app from manager 4 connect to wallet.elrond.com with ledger option and then from ledger go to elrond app and at settings need to activate “contract data” enable 5 just make transactions/staking Also this tutorial can be very helpful https://thepalmtree.network/main-blog/restore-your-elrond-wallet-on-ledger Best regards, Marius
  11. When I try to stake my EGLD in my Elrond wallet that was created using my ledger, I get the message in the subject line. Any idea why I am unable to stake my EGLD in my Elrond Wallet? I am able to stake in other Elrond wallets that I don't have my ledger hooked up to but not in the wallet that is hooked up to my ledger. HELP! See attached screenshot. I am unable to click send to start staking. Thanks.
  12. Is it possible to make the minimum service fee dependent on the amount of nodes in a Delegation SC? Otherwise, larger providers will be able to offer a higher APR than smaller providers, making it relatively hard for new staking providers. Let me explain: Why would people choose a larger staking provider? My reasoning is: if a provider runs 50 nodes or 5 nodes, that matters for the average top-up of that provider. Suppose that the large provider is left with 2499 EGLD and is just unable to create a new node with it. Then those 2,499 EGLD are distributed over the 50 existing nodes.
  13. The exact date will be announced with 14 days before happening. But don't worry, the unstake period from waiting list is instant (10 days unbound period is needed only for the active delegation).
  14. Yes, technically speaking is very possible that after a period (impossible to predict) to join the active delegation. However, the SPs APR should be better than Elrond Foundation APR to stimulate the external delegation usage and speed up the decentralization. Best regards, Marius
  15. Do we have an exact date for the begining of Phase3 ? i am far away in the waiting list (30k+) so if I need to get out of the waiting list in order to be able to delegate to an SP Agency, when will be the best time to do it ? Because it will still take a 10days period for my funds to be back in my wallet.
  16. Ok Thanks Marius! But, as I'm not very practical to move coins ...if I decide to remain in the Elrond wallet, my rank position will increase till to arrive in active delegation? ...in some time.. Thanks Massimo
  17. Hi Massimo, The delegation waiting list will remain up and running, but not rewarded anymore. So if you want to participate in the staking and receive daily rewards, starting with phase 3 need to unstake from the delegation waiting list and delegate to a SP agency. Best regards, Marius
  18. Good morning everybody, one question: I'm in delegation waiting list rank 7500, when the phase 3 will begin, I must withdraw my coins to a validator or I can also remain in waiting list on Elrond wallet? Thanks in advance for your reply Kind regards. Massimo
  19. Need to wait a bit. In the next releases will be possible to "delete" an account and bind a new wallet to your phone number.
  20. Thank you Marius. I appreciate the information.
  21. 1. Yes. 2. Final of Q1 2021 - beginning of Q2 2021. For all at the same time, not depending by country/location.
  22. So once un-staked, it will take 10 days to withdraw? Also, do you know when staking will be available in Maiar for U.S. citizens?
  23. Yes, I confirm that Elrond is using ED25519 and SHA256.
  24. Hi, You can initiate the unstake period at any time, but the waiting time for the unbound operation remains as for now set at 10 days (this is needed to keep the security protocol reliable). Best regards, Marius
  25. 1. The eGLD delegated are not staying in the SC SP wallet, but going in the protocol used for increasing security. Yes, will be a list of all SPs. Even more, the Delegation Manager SC code is audited and open source. The SP is not the owner of your funds and you don't share your private keys with it. You can initiate the unstake operation at any time. 2. Technically is possible to have this "handshake" in place from 2 SCs but doesn't change something from security point of view. Is enough to pay attention at the official SPs web sites. If you're in the active delegation, starting with phase
  26. When will staking be available in Maiar and will we be required to lock our EGLD up or is it accessible for withdrawal at anytime during staking?
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