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  3. Should we also have a flow in the main DSSC where people will choose lock commitment for a higher APR comparing with no lock commitment ?
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  5. About Delegation System Smart Contracts: I suggest by default to have some variables that helps to define: standard fee (without lock commitment) 3 months fee 6 months fee 12 months fee If a provider only "fill" the variables standard fee and 12 months fee, only this 2 options will be available in the SC This change will cover a lot of scenarios for staking providers
  6. Two suggestions for improving the clarity of this proposal: - explain whether becoming a Staking Provider who can use the Delegation System Smart Contracts is going to be purely an on chain process which is open to any existing validator, or if it requires some kind of whitelisting through establishing a partnership with Elrond. - clarify this sentence: 'Minimum 1920 Validators: unStake is not possible when only 1920 Validators are in the network. Elrond Foundational nodes will be added in this (unlikely) scenario, to enable community validators flexibility'. Is this a promise by El
  7. This proposal is focused on expanding the Elrond staking economy. Please read the information below carefully in preparation for our feedback sessions. The changes we are proposing are meant to open a new era of growth for Elrond, specifically increasing the token distribution and decentralization, strengthening the security of the network, and enabling sustainable business models around staking-as-a-service providers. In short, by enabling more eGold to be staked, more people and validators will participate, more tokens will be locked, security will improve, potentially increasing the va
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  9. Thank you Lucian, I appreciate your quick and helpful response!
  10. 1. The APR for validators will remain fixed at 36% as long as number of validators remains fixed at 2169 and the stake per node is fixed, at 2500 eGLD. So during mainnet bootstrapping phases 1 and 2 it will stay like this as the stake and number of validators is fixed. Phase 3 and 4 will permit the number of nodes and stake to increase so it means the APR will change as well (as the amount of rewards per year is fixed). 2. The validators queue will follow the same logic as the delegation queue, first come first served.
  11. Thank you Lucian, this was helpful. I also found the constants in the paper and the staking calculator [1] for validators. Some other questions please: 1. Accordingly with [1] and with the details from the economics paper is not clear if the 36% APR for the validators will be fixed during mainnet bootstrapping phases 1 and 2 ...or during all the 1st year. Can you please shed some light here? If the number of validators can increase starting with phase 3 (as is depicted now in the paper) that means the APR will decrease, because the rewards buffer for validators in the first y
  12. Please refer to sections 2.5 Rewards calculation and distribution in the paper. Rewards are distributed at the end-of-epoch by the following rules: 10% of the fee from one block is received by the block proposer, while the rest of 90% goes into a fees pool, TotalFeesToBeDistributed. At the end-of-epoch a calculation will be done to establish how many new tokens have to be minted. This number is established calculating the TotalRewardsToBeDistributed according to maxPossibleInflation, and number of blocks produced by each shard, minus the TotalAccumulatedFees by all the shards during that
  13. Hi folks, First of all thank you for publishing the economics paper, I really appreciate your work. I'm trying to find out a formula to mathematically compute the rewards for both the delegators and the validators. If this is already in the paper, my bad, I didn't found it. I have seen some time ago a formula from Sever, can you please let me know if this is still applicable and if can be introduced in the economics paper? Validator APR = 0.9 * yearly node revenue / stake per node0.9 -> the protocol takes 10% from fees for sustainable developmentyearly node revenue = 2169000 eG
  14. The Economic paper we are publishing today presents the economic principles governing the Elrond Network, and how they keep everything aligned Read the full paper here: https://elrond.com/assets/files/elrond-economics.pdf Reasoning and overview Through Elrond we propose a bold vision for a post-capitalist world, providing a new economic model and language specifically designed for the information age. The Elrond token, eGold (eGLD), will have an expected bootstrapping duration of roughly three-to-five years. The Elrond token is inseparable from the Elrond Network, and thus in
  15. Was it from Transak service ? Moonpay ? some bank does not accept buying crypto with card. You should contact Revolut and ask them why they does not allowing this transaction.
  16. kevin lallement


    Hello ! :) If you bought them from transak you should have them on a ERC20 wallet. Metamask maybe ? Before sending ERD to binance, you need to create an elrond wallet : https://wallet.elrond.com/ Then use the bridge to convert your ERD into EGLD https://bridge.elrond.com/ If your ERD are on metamask, it should require a bit of Ethereum to pay the transaction fees. You will find more detailed information on the bridge here : https://elrond.com/blog/elrond-token-swap-bridge/
  17. Stefanita


    Buna ziua, am incercat sa cumpar egld utilizand un card revolut si am fost refuzat. Revolut a refuzat plata pe motiv ca nu-i convine vanzatorul. Se poate face ceva in acest sens?
  18. Dan2109


    Hello! i have some ERD Tokens on transak. can someone tell me how can i transfer it to binance or cryptocom? thank you!
  19. Hey guys, I see some of you are looking at the status of the Genesis Staking contract and have questions about it. The "Contract state: Validating" means your staked ERC20 ERD tokens have been swapped to eGLD on day 1 of the mainnet (30 July, 1 mont ago), and that it is used for "validating" - meaning it is staked on the network for Validators to operate and secure the network. You should be checking your Elrond wallets instead, the erd1... addresses that you have used when staking in the first place. You will find the eGLD rewards accrued before the mainnet launch already unlocked t
  20. how is this helping? But now I only have 1000 tokens instead of a million. So egld must be a $1000 to match $1 ERD
  21. The supply will now be capped, as opposed to being unlimited before. This will allow the price of EGLD to grow much healthier - and even more exponentially as more resources are used to mine/validate on the chain. Though given the efficiency of the Elrond blockchain itself, this may take some time to start being evident. The price itself is subject to the use cases and the application of the actual Elrond chain as well, among many other factors.
  22. Ben

    Delegate Staking

    I am experiencing the same problem. Truly someone can offer an explanation?
  23. Howdy folks, my first post, and the forum is a welcomed attribute, one most companies avoid, so embrace this! A brief note: I am an entrepreneurial software dev: having built a $30B budeting tool, been CEO of my own startup (which did not viralize), and been involved in crypto for years. Chatting with Elrond about a significant involvement with validotors due to an investment stream i am soon to be involved with. I see where Elrond can go, and will do what i can to help. I believe firmly that many larger players bought in early in order to keep killing the upswing in market prices, altho
  24. Projected launch will be in September for the mass public, meanwhile you can check the updates about the Maiar app and enroll on the waitinglist if you want to be abla to get an early accces to it (https://elrond.com/blog/maiar-meets-new-people-the-second-wave-of-early-access-users-has-joined-heres-whats-going-on).
  25. The conversion starts sometime in September unless delayed. some exchanges can convert automatically (I think) if not, you can make an elrond/egld wallet here when its available (again sometime September or early October) once you have this wallet, just transfer those tokens to it and they will convert.
  26. Hello everyone, I am one of the new persons in here with minimal to zero experience in crypto. Been following for the past few weeks the CuriosITy & IGDLCC podcasts and that's how I've seen the interviews between Beniamin Mincu & George Buhnici. Now, long story short, I''ve followed the steps required to buy ERD tokens using the recommended TRUST WALLET on elrond website, but managed to encounter some small problems... As many of you probably noticed in TRUST WALLET there are 2 types of ERD token one is ECR20 and the other one is BEP2. My question is how can I
  27. I think ERD Elrond and for sure the Maiar app are going to be be very bullish in coming months. I am new to the crypto world but learning fast... greats
  28. same here, I don't have a solution. I don't know why I can't stake. Was someone able to find a solution?
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