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    Invalid Address

    Greetings- I have ERD on BinanceDex and I am trying to send it to my ERD wallet. I keep getting an invalid address error. I've tried sending directly from BinanceDex, through trust wallet. I've logged into my ERD wallet and connected MetaMask, I have some ETH in the MetaMask wallet for gas and nothing will work. What am I missing? Thank you in advance for your help. Kind regards.
  3. Hi, I would usually post this on github but I couldn't find the repo for the docs/tutorials. It looks like there is a minor issue with the tutorial which results in the tests not passing. The init function should be annotated with the `#[init]` attribute macro e.g. ``` #[elrond_wasm_derive::contract(CrowdfundingImpl)] pub trait Crowdfunding { fn init(&self) { } } ``` should be ``` #[elrond_wasm_derive::contract(CrowdfundingImpl)] pub trait Crowdfunding { #[init] fn init(&self) { } } ``` This is repeated throughout the tutorial. It was a tricky one to find as the scenario tests fail with very little feedback. Once this is fixed though it all works. Great tutorial!
  4. Good afternoon, I was trying to stake my ERD, but it looks like the contracts are full. I have about 9k Elrond stuck on the delegation page. I can't get it out of my Metamask. My contract wallet is 0x01d76359234661449ca97e19119A62cF81bE1302 but my Elrond address is erd1wamgf55r3cgenz6gcjg3vpvektp5z8d9dvcmdr4087t5m8x48qwqr96cq3 So I would like to either delegate that amount, or return it to another wallet. Am I missing something super easy? Thank you in advance!
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  6. I like when developers explain all the details of the mechanics of the network. And here I find the answers to my questions, Phcorner of which I can not sleep. It is good to know the cause of the error. Thanks for that!
  7. hanoko

    I'm new here

    I am very happy to belong this great community. We are going higher everyday.
  8. I search with the API of Elrond to send a transaction but how calculate the signature ? The example in docs works for transaction/send but here for the signature explanation is empty: https://docs.elrond.com/developers/signing-transactions I would like in C# calculate a signature for a transaction Is for my own project here: https://github.com/Digital3D/ElrondConsole (.Net Windows C#) Thanks David
  9. Hey how does it work here? I am new here, please help me.
  10. Hi l know this is a noob question but will l be able to stake Elrond without using Metamask or the ERC20 token
  11. Hi! I am a crypto enthusiast that runs a few blockchain validators in my spare time and would like to try running an elrond validator for the genesis of the network. It looks like anyone can run a node, but I don't see anything about delegation in the docs. If more nodes are added will the number of potential delegations increase?
  12. Thank you very much for your script. I tested and it works but... I have in screen no same result like my Linux VPS Node, we see the screen of the node but always same message appears: {"caller_ok":true,"extra":null,"file":"C:/Users/Administrator/go/src/github.com/ElrondNetwork/elrond-go/consensus/spos/worker.go","level":"info","line_number":409,"msg":"extend function is called from subround: (START_ROUND)\n","time":"2020-06-15T17:43:51+02:00"} {"caller_ok":true,"extra":null,"file":"C:/Users/Administrator/go/src/github.com/ElrondNetwork/elrond-go/consensus/chronology/chronology.go","level":"info","line_number":153,"msg":"\n2020-06-15 17:44:24.002780907 ################################# ROUND 3068244 BEGINS (1592235864) #################################\n\n","time":"2020-06-15T17:43:52+02:00"} Again and again this message, I think the version in your script (1.0.40) use an old version of the source github of elrond I don't know why I do not found anymore in github the code for x86 Windows OS, I have a prowerfull VPS on Windows and I want to run a node there. When I follow the documentation to install from scratch a node, it does not run, an error occurs when we build "go" scripts
  13. Dado


    Hello, My name is Dado, I live in Europe and I'm a beginner, I installed a Elrond Node, it runs on a little linux server but I would like to run a Node on a Big server on Windows OS, I found an old version to run an old node but it runs but all information in the screen seems work into the deep hole space, compared to my version on Linux, I see I hash but not on Windows. Please Elrond Team, don't forget a simple good setup for Windows OS because we have huge server usefull for you ! Thanks
  14. It has never been easier to make money. Using this great casino https://funcasino.com, I was able to earn a lot of money. Try it and you. Good luck
  15. Feel free to add your Memes here! My jpg & gif collections : https://imgur.com/a/jNCVIia
  16. Hello everyone! I posted our sticker resources on Imgur so it will be easier to find and use for the community. Elrond Mascot Sticker : (credits to @Agustinus Wahyudi for making it) https://imgur.com/a/0pcWN2l Elrond x Pop Culture stickers : https://imgur.com/a/ZOweWxr
  17. I am getting as far as this on my rpi: ~/elrond-utils$ ./termui -address localhost:8080 ERROR[2020-05-27 22:48:29.007] dial tcp connect: connection refused
  18. I'm so sorry for the very late reply 😋 Thanks to the newly found passion in Blockchain and ground breaking technologies, I manage to escape from the infinite circles. About fortune telling, it runs in the family. My late grandfather often taught classes about fengshui & fortune telling. Our family has always been a fengshui practitioner, and people from our community often find us for consulting about anything. So, I get used to it. Fortune telling, consulting and understanding people :))
  19. Hello to all of you, wish the entire team success. I'm sure the project will succeed. 😀
  20. The Elrond Prestaking Smart Contract can be viewed in Etherscan at this address: 0xE9F97FCa1C8C1dDC6649104A6dBCD400D073A445 You can see a decompiled version here, just press the button: https://etherscan.io/bytecode-decompiler?a=0xE9F97FCa1C8C1dDC6649104A6dBCD400D073A445
  21. Where is the source code for the ERC-20 staking smart contracts?
  22. I forgot to mention, those are Elrond Testnet wallets, while I appreciate the love, don't send real tokens like BEP2 or ERC-20 to them, ok? Thanks!
  23. I am loving this, Sorin. The "No, Thanks" bit of the mission came from "No, thanks" where the winner is the one with the lowest score. https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/12942/no-thanks
  24. If you're not familiar with Mission 6, let me tell you what needs to happen: When the snapshot will be performed on Monday 23 December 12:00 UTC, your wallet balance should be as close as possible to ZERO. You can do whatever you want with your ERD, voting for articles will be the most popular approach, BUT, in the spirit of Shadow Shards, you could be attacking other players, filling their wallet for the snapshot. Having ERD in their wallet can send someone way down on the Leaderboard, this means better chances for you! I'm putting a target on my back!! In a last attempt to have some fun, I challenge you to keep my wallets full for the snapshot. I will try my best to defend my castle and empty the wallets, but depending on the timing, you have a pretty good chance to knock me out of the leaderboard. What can I gain from this? Well, some battle scars :)) and funds for voting, or attacking others! There are no rules in this mission, everything goes!! Here are my wallets: Turtle: 5f06bfe68e78edc52bc642e2bfc56074b98678e7219cfeacfdb6b45fbcf23442 Weasel: 767b0cfd471501c760d3338e5dcb16836f7e9cd7366387851b92022ac6cba020 Eagle: cf51fc9eab73998545e2390a563c7a11603e37d0b581ee18bd1c5b1dc1343563 Raven: 1f59999f81032463036b7414ab65ffbca003542582ec78ebd8032c44ddc7024c Panda: 0f66deababd94d0de7fc205fed533f5bc6a31f9f21f3889f793f8f742ef3f41b Snake: 84fb6cd51e5b5e0c557018bd869a953e645d4e58de0e562acd42f6dd6e0ed2e4 Good luck and have fun! PS: This is also a publicity stunt, so, if you liked my article you can also send your ERD to the voting address at 640e7e30c684aafc3c959881b38ee6bc510798267e7cdc78a314f05ae5294a40. Cheers!!
  25. The list of submitted articles can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hLrZe2he5vhb5_V6KnvOElVtdhHLyb5X8iI9hRMJjOM/edit?folder=1AMhIA0niwZzOVXt5b2MiaqMyW6TIfslp#gid=0 It's not too late to send yours, the value of these articles surpasses even the best community campaign. Don't forget to submit the articles on the Community Platform as well. Have fun reading and writing!
  26. The three nodes are configured on 3 VPS from the N3Servers provider. Each node is configured on the Ubuntu-16.04 64bit operating system with 4 GB of memory on a 200 GB disk SSD.https://www.n3servers.com/ The monitoring is done with the help of BoN BoT monitor and mobile ERD Tracker application.
  27. If Medium is not the right medium for your Rate My Node article, go ahead and post it here. May the most wicked-sick setup win!
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