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  2. Hey adisimpson, We don't know how long it takes to move from waiting list to active delegation. You can track your place in the queue and the progression by going to wallet.elrond.com into the Delegation section. It all depends on how many are withdrawing from active delegation. They are automatically replaced by those on the waiting-list. The good thing is while on the waiting list you earn rewards. Last week the APR was 6.71%.
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  4. Does anyone know how to pass a date or string argument to a function that is part of a contract in rust or c? Answers much appreciated.
  5. I'd like to know the same I'm trying to figure out how to even get the csv???
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    Hi guys, I have delegated eGLD on November 30th and the eGLD are still in the waiting list, still no active delegation. Is that normal?
  8. Hi guys, I have delegated eGLD on November 30th and the eGLD are still in the waiting list, still no active delegation. Is that normal?
  9. and dont forget the gas you need 10.25 in your wallet to initiate a delegation transaction :)
  10. Hello ! A transaction should take few minutes from binance. Elrond upgraded the mainnet yesterday and binance should have made some maintenance to comply with the new version. Eventually check your binance wallet again and verify transaction history.
  11. Hello :) First thing first you need to run an observer/validator and own 2500 egold. this is the official documentation : https://docs.elrond.com/validators/system-requirements/ And you can find more help in the dedicated telegram channel : https://t.me/ElrondValidators Bests regards Kevin
  12. Hello :) There is something i cannot picture myself is : How the "top-up" from the SP side will work ? Does the SP need to create the DSC with (base stake + top up) eg: 1250+1250 = 2500 so this way he could ensure that at least 1 node will run no matter how many egold are in delegation ? Or does any "external wallet" will be able to delegate to complete the missing delegation ? eg: delegation cap set to "3750" with one running node (1250 in DM + 1250 in delegation) + 1250 from delegators thank you in advance for your clarifications Kevin
  13. Hi guys, When I created my Elrond Wallet I've secured it with an JSON File. Now, am I still able to create a PEM, so that I can do Stake? If so what is the correct procedure to create the PEM file? Please be kind, as you've seen in the title you are dealing with a beginner and my experience in this domain can be considered AT BEST close to ZERO. Thanks in advance. Kind regards, Adrian
  14. It is not possible to delegate less than 10 eGLD. This is because more fragmented delegations would incur larger gas costs for other operations, like swapping active delegation with staking queue delegation, or increased storage access due to larger SC state. This is also a sort of sybil attack prevention. The difference between staking and delegation is that for staking you need to "lock" 2500 egld in order to run a validator and you need to take care of the machine running the validator software, keep it online, make sure it has good network connection, etc, while for delegation yo
  15. Hi! I'am about to buy Elrond. But it is possible to delegate less than 10egld ? I want to delegate something like 2-4 elgd. Also I don't understand the difference between stacking and delegating. Ty and have a nice day
  16. Hi. So long story short, I made a Elrond Wallet today, got the wallet address, send some EGLD from my Binance account to the newly created wallet. I received the mail from the exchange, confirming the transaction. I checked the transaction status, which looks like it is completed, my account has the balance on explorer.elrond. The question is, when will i be able to see in in the wallet? TY
  17. i think cardano is the better choice
  18. I've been involved in bitcoin since the GPU mining days. I have been trading crypto since Mt. Gox . All I can say to folks in this space is Buy, Buy, Buy, Buy, Buy. There is absolutely no way on the planet that egld will be less today a year from now than it is now. Superior technology rises to the top. 'nuff said. Buy, buy, buy, buy, stake,stake,stake this, don't even consider selling for at least a year.
  19. This is fantastic answer . I love this project, from the cutting edge tech to even this 10/10 level of community interaction, I could not be more optimistic about ELROND. I see your reasoning, as you have so well described it, and it makes sense to me. I also have been really studying EGLD this week, and have been monitoring the que sizes etc, to see what kind of time intervals it will take to delegate, and learning more. Besides the technology, the economics of this are also very unique, I don't think anyone has tried just this sort of design (in terms of the APY, staking, ques, an
  20. 1. The queue/waiting list will no longer be incentivized, but at the same time more "seats" will be available for staking and the delegation manager will be available for staking providers. At this point we might see some migration from active delegation and/or waiting list delegation to active delegation for staking providers. The nodes for the community nodes delegation will not be supplemented, so active delegation will only become available on the community delegation smart contract if someone with active delegation withdraws. 2. The option for staking providers to choose differe
  21. The deposit will accrue rewards for the SP only if it becomes part of a node stake. If for example the delegation amount + SP deposit <2500 eGLD then it would not receive rewards, as there will be no eligible node to earn rewards. As soon as there is at least one eligible validator with stake from the delegation SC, then the original deposit will also accrue rewards just as you mentioned.
  22. Hello members and team, Currently in the delegations queue but with a very healthy amount of EGLD on the waiting list. I have two questions. 1. I would like to wait to become an active delegator. With phase 3 coming towards February, what happens to the thousands in the queue? The nodes increase would that mean more EGLD will become active? 2. Stake providers have certain contact lengths, 12 months, 24 months etc.. What happens after that period? Is our EGLD locked away or is the standard 10 day unbonding period relevant to this too? Tha
  23. I need more clarification regarding Staking Provider registration deposit. I assume the SP registration deposit (baseDeposit) will accrue rewards for the SP itself, right? For example: SP registers a DSSC and deposits 1250 eGLD. Then receive from delegators another 1250 eGLD. The registered node becomes a validator node and starts earning rewards. Half of the total rewards minus the SP fee will go to the delegators and the other half goes to SP?
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  25. Hi Kevin and welcome! At least for the next few months there is no plan to change the minimum stake per validator node. There is a "soft-auction" in development which we refer to as Phase 4 Staking Proposal, where the price per node can be dynamically adjusted, but not sure though if it will cause the price to go lower as currently there seems to be significant demand. There will also be a minimum price per node as well there, but not all parameters have been decided so I can't say for now what that will be. Before that though, we have prepared the Phase 3 Staking Proposal which
  26. Good day. I just discovered this amazing crypto last week, and have been reading as much as I can since then. I really want to invest a significant amount and start my own validator node, as I have done for many other coins in the past (like I have been running DCR nodes for the last few years). However currently 2500 EGLD costs upwards of $90,000 US, which is a massive sum for an enthusiast such as myself. I see that EGLD token price has rapidly sky-rocketed with this bull run, so I was wondering, are there any plans to lower the staking amount to something more aff
  27. Good day Internet people and Elrond fans! My name is Kevin. I've been in crypto since the gpu mining of bitcoin days. I recently came across Elrond and have been very impressed by the team, technology and rate of development progress. I set up a validator node the other night, was a bit bummed to see that it requires 2500 EGLD ($80,000) so don't think I'll be do that anymore, but certainly will be following this project and purchasing a few coins. Thanks!
  28. Thanks a lot for the help, guys. It's a kind of obvious now that you've pointed me in the right direction
  29. the argument there: 0x0002540be400 represents the supply = 10 000 000 000 in hex.
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